Thursday, June 22, 2017

And Then There Were. . .


We are so happy to announce that Miss Haven will become a big sister somewhere around January 7th, 2018.

Apparently, most people think we're crazy and a little na├»ve to plan our kids so close together; but we're still stickin' with our elated joy in spite of the wide-eyed, stricken comments on our lack of sanity. I love this baby already. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

A picture? Sorry. You wouldn't believe how full and busy (and blessed) life has been for the past few weeks. So, nada for now...but they will come. Pinkey promise.

Tonight I'm collapsed in our giant easy chair, basking in the cleanliness of the house. I mean, well, the "cleaner-than-it's-been-since-canning-started" cleanliness. I think I want some hot tea. . . An I'm too tired to go make it. *facepalm.

Bed is sounding mighty inviting to this mama.

Ps. I canned 65 quarts of green beans in the last two weeks, helped decorate a baby shower, managed a giant load of business paperwork, AND HAVEN IS WALKING! (She started June 6th, for those who love dates. . . Bless your heart if you do...)

Monday, May 22, 2017

There Once Was A Child Who Wouldn't Sit Still | 10 Months

Finally. A picture worthy of Grandma. 

I'll have to spray shout on that dress for the next ten years in order to get the stains out. . . but we have a picture for grandma. 

Happy Mothers' Day. (Late.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Little Taste of Random | Summer's Here

I know it's only May, but it's pretty hot. To this old cranky yankee, hiding in her air conditioned house, summer is officially present. Just kidding about the cranky part of yankee. Life is a happy thing these days. Blessed, beautiful and fantastic.

If my crazy pics would upload for this post, that is. . .

. . .

    . . .

. . .

   . . .

. . .

    . . .

Here's one, anyway. A token of the reigning official-ness of spring. We have baby duckies! Haven will have positively nothing to do with them. I never knew fuzzy, yellow fluff could be so scary.

We were up late last night, putting the aforementioned quacks in a brooder house. We couldn't handle 'em them in the laundry room anymore.  The stench was terrific. 

On another note, I'm pretty lucky to still have a husband today, as the driver nearly ran him over with a log truck the other night. It was pretty complicated set of circumstances, but from what I hear, Ethan was underneath the log truck bolting something-or-other back on it. For some very particular reason, the truck had to be revved up a notch in order for the whatever-it-was-they-were-fixing to slide into place. The driver revved it up a little too well, and the truck decided to take a rip, roarin' start down the gravel driveway. Thank the Lord, Ethan has super quick reflexes, and his angels were obviously on duty. In a split second's time, he hauled himself up underneath it and held on for the ride.

He came home and was like "Oh, yeah. Guess what happened?" Totally cool and collected. 

On to happier things: Here's a glimpse of the birthday party we threw for my mother in law. Angie is an extremely selfless, giving person. So many people have benefitted from her time and hard work. She's a heart-felt doer, and always takes time to make people feel special. How could we pass up an opportunity to give back a little? 

More pics and a detailed explanations of my cake-baking disaster + flower arranging with crazy allergies will be coming soon. 

Of course, no post would be complete without a picture of our princess. Here she is at her cousin's 1st birthday party, chasing gold balloons. 

And here's both of them at a 50th anniversary celebration. There were at least twenty five wipes on the floor, next time I turned around. 

And, yes. She does wear hairbows all the time. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Relatives Came // Good Times

                                                                                    F I N A L L Y.

Living faraway from family makes for some very special visits when we do manage to see each other. I guess you could call it a perk of the situation.

Dad (whoops - apparently you've escaped all the pics? Sorries.), Mom and Becca dared to brave the 17 hour drive, and, as a bonus, picked Mamaw up from Ohio on the way! My Bestie, Bethany Collins, flew in to join us from Oklahoma a few days before the crew arrived. (Supriiiiiise!!)

                                                                               H A V E N  L U V I N S

I practically never saw the poor child while everybody was here. I think the Grandmas and Autnies were making up for lost time. <3

And then we decided to hike up Chimney Rock. I paid for that decision for daaaayss. We were only at the top for a few minutes before it started to rain, so we hung out in the little cafe for a while before heading back down.

After we left, I experienced my first dead car battery in the Ingalls parking lot. Thanks to Dad (and the two concerned, neighborly shoppers who stopped to see what was wrong .. I guess I finally know what it's like to be on the receiving end of Ethan's "good samaritan" stops.) for getting me running again. 

And speaking of the Good Samaritan. . . here he is! The week before everyone came, I was crazy busy trying to get all my bases covered with a curious little baby (who has a taste for mop water, apparently...). He surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on Thursday afternoon.

There's nothing more special than seeing the happy little florist lady walking up to the door with a giant vase of flowers. I'm always giddy. And this time I cried.

Cuz he's so sweet. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Favorite Things | Piano Students

Piano students are amazingness.

I love the fresh curiosity of kids. Monday's and Fridays keep my chuckling to myself for the rest of the week, and Haven dances under the piano while we practice clapping rhythms and singing songs.

It's an all-around good thing.

Teaching piano students was pretty nearly my only incentive for keeping up with piano lessons, growing up. I struggled with traditional means of learning notes and rhythms and scales, and (as my poor mother can attest) I spent many teary half-hour practices trying to cram those marching black notes into my brain.

There's a need for the rules and technique of note-reading --but there are happier, easier ways  of learning them. And I love seeing the methods work.

So, now, as my dream of opening my own "studio" has finally hatched, "traditional" is the last word that I would choose to describe piano lessons. Which, I think, the kiddos are enjoying. Quite happily, tbey are also progressing well.

Needless to say, the little goose recorded above, is my favorite student so far. And yeah--I'm biased.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

//L O V E I S//

Dish towel fights on Saturday morning.

The flower he tucks into my hair.

His laugh when he realizes I had the wrong drill bit in the drill. He hugged me. "I'm so glad I know you need me."

How he's always warm when I'm freezing.

The quiet strength that he is when it's been a tough day.

How he's good at everything I'm not. (Math...strategy...running on no sleep...running in general...)

How he never, ever complains about me to anyone.

The way he will do absolutely anything to make Haven laugh.

The way she smiles when he walks in the door at night.

His goals. His standards. His optimism.

How it makes me laugh when he quietly sits out a conversation about "goofing off" like he's never had a towel fight or scared anyone half to death in his life. And everybody just assumes he never has. 'Cept me. All but me.

His humility. He's done so many things that so many could never do, but he never mentions a word, and always slips away from any notice or attention.

His weakness for chocolate chip cookies.

And that he promised he would never, ever take me "snipe hunting". (Find a Southern person to explain that to you..)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Vanilla and Bleach | Couch Hunting

She's so innocent.

This little girl has not the tiniest clue as to why she shouldn't try to eat my tea lights. Nor does she know why I had a minor heart attack after she picked  up the BLEACH RAG, (and took a lick.) She can't figure out why she can't crawl up inside my freshly organized cabinets. Or why she shouldn't play in the mop water. Or why she shouldn't drink the mop water.




I could think of a few more.


Haven Gracious.

She's also laughing, and shaking her rattle for all its worth.

Alrighty then. Hope you enjoyed sharing that moment with me....


But, yes -- we're whipping the house into spring cleaned sparkle. Ethan has been trimming hedges, disposing of the ((absolute biggest)) fire ant hills that I've ever seen, replacing electrical-stuff-that-I-don't-remember-the-name-of, and slowly...s l o w l y...finishing up projects and getting them off of the carport.

Me and Haven have been organizing closets, cleaning out cabinets, having a cup of tea in between, working on our super special coffee table project, having another gulp of tea + a small conversation about "DAAAAAAA-da" for ten minutes, and tidying stuff. And tossing stuff. And having s'more tea.

And the new couch is supposed to be here any minute, which, as you can imagine, is extremely exciting to this here mama.

 I'm beginning to be able to feel my fingers again (almost desensitized from scrubbing, I'm afraid.). Which means, I need to go get busy - because we're nowhere close to finished. More mop water to sample, and stuff.