Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You never know how far a latte can go... {Random post on my morning.}

He was singing in the lusty, loud way that only a 12 year old boy can. "Hoooooowwwww aaaaaaaaaare yyoooooooouuu...."

We were making breakfast. He, in charge of the eggs, me warming up a "milk steamer" - because I didn't feel like coffee. This boy is downright rambunctious in the morning: excruciating bear hugs, or old fashioned sweep-you-off-your-feet scenarios are typical. This morning it had been the latter.

"You wanted the white slimy, right?" He glanced over at me, with his mouth nearly twitching. This young man couldn't tell an untruth if he wanted to.

"You know better, Ike." My voice was still scratchy from waking up half an hour ago.

I continued whisking my milk into a foam while he cracked the eggs into his skillet. "Woops! Somebody's going to have a shell in theirs..."

"You should probably just pick it out real quick."


I love these kinds of mornings, with this kind of company. Twinkling black eyes, the vibe of constant energy, somebody who's at ease: singing, teasing, chatting, grinning. And it's "built-in" company, too. I love my brother.

Five minutes more had me finished with my steamer, and also the two "vanilla lattes" the two youngest had been begging me for. I gently poured my drink into two coffee cups.

By this time, he had finished making breakfast and was slouched into the comfort of our big, easy chair, reading his Bible.

"Here's your latte, Ike."

He looked up, surprised. Had he forgotten that he'd asked me for it?

 His eyes changed from the serious look of concentration to a completely radiant one; his whole face lit up in one of the most beautiful smiles I'd ever seen."Oh thank you, Anna..."

In any case, it made my whole day.

Mental note: If you ever get a chance to do something nice for a sibling again, snatch it! Sometimes you just don't know what it will mean to the person receiving it.


Anonymous said...

Awe :) You are so sweet Anna! Missing you...

Anna said...

Miss you back!!!