Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Hold still."

I grimaced, looking at my outfit in the mirror, while she yanked my scarf into a cute little knot.

"Kara, you're hurting me."

We were drinking lattes and getting ready for church in my bedroom.

"This jacket makes me look like Superman," I groaned.

"Nope. That other one you had on looked more like Superman."

My suitcase lay on the floor, all ready for the early flight tomorrow. Unfortunately, I had packed away most of my favorite accessories and was left with a few unusual substitutes on this particular Wednesday night.

Kara happens to be an outfit sleuth and was directing her attention to my evening wardrobe. Meanwhile, Becca twirled around the room singing the only three lines of "Matchmaker" that she knew from Fiddler On The Roof.

Funny. We don't even like that movie.

This is what being sisters is all about - the goofy behind-the-scenes moments. The thoughtful, helpful nature that takes time to "give a hand." The candid laughter. The pathetic, stark,  honesty that they share so plainly.

For example: Becca decided to liken each member of the family to an Adventures In Odyssey character this afternoon. (If you don't know what that is, you're missing out.)  I could hardly believe my ears - Penny Wise? Really?

She didn't mean it badly - Penny was "Awesome" in ideology. "She's so funny! And she gets into mysteries...and stuff like that..."

But that's another great thing about sisterness - forgiving. *wink

I don't know how three girls who are so different can be so close. It's amazing.

I'm just glad it'll be too early for them to come to the airport tomorrow. Knowing me and my tendency toward sentimentality, I'd probably cry before Dad and I managed to get through security.

{It's awful; but I hate goodbyes. Airports only seem to make things worse, for some reason.}

You know, a lot of people think sisters are annoying. Every great once-in-a-while they'll admit to loving them; or, at least, liking them a little. But I think we should take advantage of our years together and MAKE SURE they know how special they are to us. Not in a syrupy-sweet kind of way, but when you have an opportunity to do something for them or tell someone how nice they are, it certainly wouldn't hurt matters.

What's something you love about your sister or brother?


Anna said...

Oh, Becca wanted me to make sure you all knew that SHE was drinking a latte, too. (I guess drinking coffee is a measure of maturity ;)

~The Keller Girls~ said...

You sure y'all didn't clone us? =D God was smart when he created sisters! lol =D Hey, coffee is GREAT!! ;) Thanks for the lovely post Anna!

Bethany said...

Wait. You're going to the airport??!!

Ah...siblings. Daniel had been telling me about the superhero he created...William Striker. And he has a yellow suit. Apparently. And the bad guy's name is "X R X".

Hannah said...

Heaven knows I've had millions of moments like this ^ with my sisters :)

Elisabeth said...

My sisters are always there to listen and give me moral support. That means the world to me.

Hannah Page said...

I just read this post that was from a while a ago...this was such a great one. Sisters are awesome :)

But as for Penny Wise? (I'm racking my brain trying to think of a Wooton out there for ya, jk :))