Friday, June 7, 2013

Anna's Nutty News: Rotten Attitudeitidus

What do you do with that person.
Her mannerisms declare the truth - this girl's the very meaning of the word "Grouch."
 From the looks of the circles under her eyes, the smell of her rotten attitude (that lingers when she leaves the room,) the snappy words that slip out when the least annoyance is presented...Phew! You think, I'm staying out of her way today!
But wait a second. Instead of just gulping down the hot retort your tongue was about to "let fly" and responding with grace, you have a chance to make a lasting impression on this person.
*Brace yourself*
Did you know that, normally, a grouchy person just needs help? Inside, they're aching for love -  someone to care
"Well," we think, "Its a bit ironic that she isn't sitting down to talk about it. Nope. Instead, her words sting with unkindness, her attitude is wrecking my day and...hey! She aint even interested in my help. What's girl to do, pray tell?"
I'll tell you.
Grammar Point: First off, don't say "aint." It isn't proper English.
 On my own darkest, most miserable days, (when I haven't taken time to have devotions, I'm super tired, or life looks unrealistically daunting)...
Yes, I'm grouchy. It's harder to keep myself in check today. I've probably felt like having myself a traditional "good cry" quite a few times. Most likely, I haven't been patient and the slightest noise has been irritating. I've allowed myself to be upset and frustrated (you have a choice, you know).
As unsociable and (synonymously) unfriendly as I appear to everyone around me, really, deep down, I'm aching for someone to sit me down and ask out of true concern; "I know you've been having a tough day today. Has something been bothering you?"
It would do more guilt-stabbing correction than any lecture about how you ought to "Trust God with the big things, or, "Talk kindly to your youngest sister," and especially, "Really, now. You ought to know better..."  ever could.
I know. I have a loving little brother who came up and wrapped his arms around my waist when I didn't feel the least bit lovable and said... "It'll be okay, Anna."
That did it.  I promptly asked forgiveness of the ones my impatience had stung that day.
I have a younger sister who saw I was having a hard day and willingly accompanied me on my "walk." She cranked up some cheerful music (on her phone,) and showed me how to jog. (There's an art, let me tell ya!) 
She didn't really say anything, but I knew she did it because she cared - and that meant the world to me.
I have a Mom who gave me a hug when I came in from (secretly) bawling my eyes out during  my evening walk. A simple "I love you," speaks volumes and leaves a resounding echo in the heart.
I could go on to include my Dad and smallest sister, too, but you probably have enough examples by now.
Handy Hint: I happen to know that there are people who prefer to be alone on bad days. In fact, they'd be quite annoyed if you started chattering about sunshine and brighter days at this point. You need to pray for these people. It works wonders - believe me! Drench all of your "tough characters" in prayer.
Do you see? Bad days are a chance to show the ones you care about how much you really love them. You never know how much they'll need it, how grateful they'll be, how they'll thank God for the love you've shown them.
Don't just work your way around them throughout the day - take time to touch their lives and strengthen your relationship with them.

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Delvalina said...

Oh Dear Anna,

I am kinda like you.
I prefer to be alone and far from people when I feel down. I think that would be the best time for me only with God and talk to Him.

Sometimes I feel like Hannah in Samuel's story... I prefer dont to eat and anything and stay on my bad during the day and when night comes and I poured out my soul to Him :D hehe

So I really care when I see people like me....

but you know God is faithful no matter how.

Thanks for following back. You have amazing blog and looking forward to visit you more.