Saturday, April 6, 2013

So Much

I think America is one of the most blessed nations that there is (as far as material things go).

Compared to poverty stricken places around the globe, our houses look (in the words of an African brother who came to preach for us last year,) like mansions. We have running water, cars sitting in our driveways -  not only for when there's an emergency, but for when we just don't feel like walking to the Library or grocery store. Oh, yeah. The grocery store. We also eat three meals everyday, and have whole pantries full of left-overs and canned goods.

The wonderful things that go with living in America are (like I've said,) wonderful - but I want to go a little further. Past the broad brushstroke of terrific citizenship, even further than how wonderful it is to have a family, a good church; stuff like that, - I want to "count the blessings" that pop up in our every-day lives.

I'll show you how.

I woke up late this Saturday morning, with breakfast cooking, the muffled clanging an clomping of my family downstairs, and the sound of Isaac's radio playing faintly. (Tuned to the "Stories" that  WRVM faithfully plays for the "Younger Listeners" every Saturday morning.)

I knew today might be a bit of a challenge; I had a deadline to meet and, as this was Saturday, there would be a good deal of cooking, cleaning and chores to complete before we had church in our house the following day.

 I crawled out of bed....but...oh. I guess we did stay up a little too late, didn't we! I sat down at the table, with heavy eyes, and tired posture. Exhausted, in other words.

This day was going to be a challenge.

As usual, I had choices:

I could continue to walk around in this mood - shrouded in a thundercloud of gloom - focusing on all that's unpleasant, compiling a file of evidence for "Why I can be grouchy today" to hand anybody who might ask what the matter is...  

Or, I could open my eyes and, though still exhausted, still fighting the irritability that comes with not-enough-sleep-for-the-sixteen-year-old, pray for strength, rule the flesh and start looking (and sometimes you really have to look) for the good things. In other words, "Count my blessings."

"Lord, thank you so much for the birds singing outside of the window and the air that smells like spring. It's so cheerful."

"Father, thank you that these circumstances have helped me to have a good, long talk with you." - It's true. Even if you pray every day, you never pray the way you do when you really need God's help for someone or something.

"Thank you so much that Mom and Kara found sugar-free frozen yogurt at Econo today. You know how much I love dessert."

"Lord, thank you for helping us to get everything ready for church a day early. Tomorrow will be much easier now that we have so much done ahead of time."

"Thank you for a goofy Dad that makes me laugh."

"I am so glad that I can commit every worry and every "impossibility" into your hands and that you told me you will take care of it. ("Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.")

We need to say thank you - like the leper who came back to Jesus while the others went on rejoicing. We ought to give God praise - like David did. "Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!"

Every day is a gift - the next one isn't promised. Even on the difficult ones, ask for strength and help to make them count for Christ.

It boosts other's faith when they hear how God came through for us - "Like when I couldn't find my math book until I prayed. Or, that time I needed an answer from God about something I was really worried about and He comforted my heart in a very personal way."

What can you add to the list?

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Emily said...

Thank you so much for sharing. This post really encouraged me to look at my life as a blessing, because we are truly blessed. I should be thankful rather than looking at what my life could be like. So thank you so much for sharing.