Friday, July 27, 2012

Beautiful, Wonderful, Amazing, Victorious Life!

When I think about my outlook on life, from forever-ago and up, I see so many times when I let go of my happiness and bowed under stress and worries. I didn't have to, but that's something I seldom thought about.

My life was amazing - there were so many good things that had happened to me - but when I looked back, those things were crusted-over with a cloud of dismal gray. The bad things that happened muffled the music of cheerful, glorious things that had happened too - because I chose to see the gray instead of the grass for too long. 

Around my early teen years I began hearing things like "You can choose to be happy" and, later, even a whole song about choosing to...

"Believe that you are faithful
And my heart is in Your hands.
This mystery that I face today
Is part of a greater plan.
I choose not to be discouraged
when the sun will not break through,
I have a choice of trusting you.
So, Lord, this is what I choose.

I began singing it around the house...but it didn't make sense. For Pete's sake! I didn't want to be unhappy or untrusting. I wanted safety and security...but how could I simply "choose" to be something that I wasn't?

Slowly, slowly, I began to learn to give my worries over to Jesus. I began to realize how "counting my blessings" brought sunshine to a day full of (Enter your most undesirable task) and singing lifted the cloak of heaviness to reveal a shining robe. 

I began to understand things about creating the atmosphere and "seeing the big picture."

When you look at this fact "I'm the King's (son) daughter, striving to be what I should be" and this one "And every devil in hell is loosed against me, wanting to keep me from the blessings of God and, finally, a home under his rule for eternity" I see that life is bigger than me.

Can you say; "I'm working, every day, for God. I'm representing HIS people, I am supposed to be his eyes, his ears, his hands... He loves me so much, so I should be doing my best for Him....and this day, this circumstance, this unkind word, is not going to stop me from serving Him."

He wants us to be happy. He says not to worry about tomorrow. Why do we accept heartache and sorrow when we can be singing with the joy of our Savior?

"I choose not to be discouraged when the sun will not break through." Do we do that, when, our plans change, our emotions are going nuts or our feelings are hurt? Or, do we choose to look up at the rain cloud, that's waiting for our signal, and hand over our happiness just like that? 

These are a musings of a girl who is learning to "Choose not to be discouraged." 

She's learning to see life as

Through Christ who strengtheneth her and gives her joy on the darkest days.

If you'd like to hear a few testimonies on the subject, email me at and ask. :)


Zoƫ said...

Loved it Anna!

Anonymous said...

Love your perspective, Anna! We always have a choice...needed this reminder this morning!

Amber =) said...

Thank you for that! That was beautiful! And very encouraging! Also convicting! I need to work on that! To many times I allow that dark rain cloud to cover my heart!


Anna said...

Thank you, ladies! Your comments mean a lot. :)

Elisabeth said...

This is something I've been thinking about a lot. I quote from Debi Pearl where she says, "Joyfulness comes from a thankful heart." On the days I feel thankful, I notice I am positive and upbeat, looking on the bright side of life. It's when I start to complain that my days end up being dismal and grey, as you said.

Did Kara take that picture that says Amazing on it? It's really good.

Anna said...

Thank you, Sister Elisabeth!

Actually, I took the "Amazing" photo! I was rather excited about it. :D