Saturday, June 16, 2012

What a blessing

The sunlight was just about ready to cause a warm the-sun-is-setting image to gently flow into my reading space (aka: the love seat in our living room). I was reading a book about a missionary to Uganda and was a little preoccupied. My senses weren't altogether lost in the pages though.

I had heard the joyful shrieking of Mom, then Kara, then Becca as they tried to escape being dunked in the dishwater or tickled by the teasing mischievous, tall figure that playfully thwarted them.

I had wondered if he would find his next (rather willing) victim in me, and sat slightly tense, still pouring over my book, as the amount of comprehension that I gave to the present world ebbed and flowed.

All was still.

Something did seem right, though.

I kept reading, probing the silence.

Nothing. All was still.

Was that a noise, or a feeling?

Something just wasn't right.

I turned quickly.

There, poised on one foot, ready to make another step, stood a long-legged, blue-jean clad, handsome, man. His bright, black eyes were gleeful with the sport of stalking "prey."

 He would have scared me half out of my wits.

Dad. He's notorious for these things - once jumping out at me from behind a bookcase and, after I screamed, retorting with "Whaaat? I was just saying hi."

Girls need Dads that sneak up behind them and scare them half to death. Girls need dads that play "toquito", (I found out that I'm not too old for that game, a while ago. lol:) and give advice and pray with them over little fears in the dark.

Girls need dads who they can look up to. A dad who make their hearts swell with love as they think  "He is proud of me?". A dad who will care when school curriculum is making days hard, a dad who will ask his girl if she can play an impressive sounding piece of music  - because he thinks she can do it.

Girls need dads who will take them out on their birthdays and tell them how special they are when they don't feel special at all. Girls need dads who will offer encouragement when something hard is going on, who will say things like "I'm so glad we could see this together".

Girls need dads who tell them the truth about things, though it may be awkward for everyone involved, dads who will teach their children the whys and wherefores of their beliefs. Dad's that read and pray with their children, Dad's that lead a godly example that brings respect and love out of his children.

Girls need dads who ask the Lord about things when they don't know what to do next. Dads who will let their girls know what is modest and what is not. Dads who will sympathize when your hour with the driving instructor was pretty rough and have you laughing your head off as he relates driving incidents that he's seen.

Girls need dads who care.

Well, at least I do. (Or maybe, I just find him an awesome blessing that I wouldn't want to grow up without.)

I have one of those dads. And my heart swells with pride and love when I think of him and how much of a blessing he is.

What are three things, in your mind, that make a dad a good one?


Bethany Grace said...

*heart melt* Made me smile galore and cry (sentimental me).

Elisabeth said...

Anna, You are so good at epressing yourself. I feel all the things you do but I couldn't have written it so eloquently. You should print this out and give it to your dad tomorrow.

Anna said...

Awww...Bethany, your comment gives me a "*heart melt*". *Throws arms around you in a huge hug.*

Thank you.

I appreciate "sentimental" you. :)

Anna said...

Sister Elisabeth:

Thank you for your sweet comment. :)I appreciate your encouraging words.

I always like to write something on Fathers' Day in honor of Dad - I hope it makes his day more special.

I told him about it this afternoon, since we're celebrating Fathers' Day today. :)