Friday, May 25, 2012

"Come Watch Me Ride My Bike!" And Other Calamities

Little sisters. Little brothers. Most people (probably all of us)  would, most likely, plaster the label "annoying" smartly in the middle of them and sigh in frustration. "Just a little girl who messes up the room and jumps on the bed and gets into my closet and ruins my clothes and tags along and...and..."...But as Believers, we're supposed to be different.

I think, many times, selfishness is the foundation of our label (the one we stick on siblings.) Indeed, the very glue that sticks it onto that stained, muddy shirt is the same stuff that envelops us in a cushy bubble and protects our ideas, physical beings and agendas.

Why didn't we kindly overlook when "he" tracked mud over the floor that we've swept, when he's too little to know any better? Why, even when he did know better, did we fly off the handle because he did "such-and-such" when we remember that the Bible says to "Do unto others" and "Love thy neighbor as thyself?"

Why do we give free reign to the anger that screams retribution when Jesus said to turn the other cheek?

The reason, a lot of the time, is that we don't want to.

Ever heard the saying "Where there's a will there's a way"? I don't think that, at least, in most situations, God just waves a magic wand over us and cries " (Enter Name Here), thou shall never again be bothered by your brother's (sister's) unkind remarks. I do here and now turn you into a little angel who cares not what others do to her."

Remember the verse about the man who kept his tongue (or spirit)? The Bible said he was greater than someone who took a city. Does that make you think that God waved a magic wand over him? No. This man had to fight.

It's not God's fault for not making us perfect with a wave of his hand. Sometimes, it's our fault for not trying. (Though I don't say that you have to try all by yourself. God does help us mightily in these things.)

I have heard complaints, as I tried to smooth a situation while someone exclaimed vehemently over a sibling's actions."Yes, but it's so hard. She does this all the time." Blaming the situation for her own defeat.

You are more than a conqueror. If you are a Born-Again Christian, why do you choose to bow in defeat?

Fight. Fight with prayer. Fight with thanksgiving, knowing that "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world." Strive for peace, turning the other cheek, bearing the unfair, letting go of your rights. If someone hadn't done it for you 2000 years ago, where would you be?

"...We don't wrestle flesh and blood
But the principalities of the dark.
We too are marching to one beat
Crushing the enemy under our feet
We are mighty in our stand
With God's word in our hand.
Onward Christian soldiers...."

In this day and age, churches, denominations, groups and families fuss and fight and split. Let's set an example in our families that tells our neighborhoods, our siblings, our grandparents, the whole world, maybe, that we're real Christians who love one another as Jesus said to. Let's give a testimony of God's love. Let's not be hypocrites.

"Hereby do men know that ye are my disciples; if ye love one another." (I'm paraphrasing.) If we want people to be see the truth and be saved, let's show them that there "Is a balm in Gilead and, what's more, I know how you can get it!" If you've got the goods behind your verbal testimony, don't you think they'd be more willing to hear?

Be an overcomer. Be the brother or sister that Jesus wants you to be. It's bigger than just "being nice."


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