Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waste Not!

This week my family and I are leaving to visit relatives and take a well-deserved break. (I might not deserve it but my family does.)

As you can imagine, we've been packing and planning for some time now to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  Thus today, as I began to write, I was reminded of our lives and the preparations that we should be making for the future.

I hear of girls who have "nothing to do" while growing up. They stick to the requirements for their lives, (school, house chores, obedience, etc.)  but don't seem to invest much time in many of the more important things.

There are so many, many things that one can do to prepare herself for whatever is ahead. There's sewing, cooking and cleaning to be mastered. On top of that, one needs to know all about woman's health issues that children might be healthy when they're born. After that, what about child training and homeschooling? All of these things can be researched and thus added to our stores of knowledge.

We need to learn to be happy and have purpose during this part of our lives. We shouldn't just sit around and wait for a dark, handsome prince to waltz into our lives and make us happy.

Marriage, just so you know, is not a flowery bed of ease. It's reality. Scrubbing floors, dealing with trials and children that wake up in the night. Marriage can be one of God's sharpest refining tools, as well as one of His greatest blessings to mankind.

This time of life, under our parents guidance, is not to be wasted. Even as we prepare for the future we need to realize that God can use us RIGHT NOW, not just when we're grown up. There are needs that can be met by the humblest and youngest of us - ask God to let you be His servant. Do His bidding now - get close to Him now - before you are too busy to do so.


Emily Rachelle said...

You're such a great model homemaker-in-training. So sweet and practical. :) Thanks for this little encouragement.

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Anna said...

Thank you, Emily. :) You're welcome. I hope to visit your blog soon. :)