Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Thought, Perspective and Resolution

A couple of days ago I began writing a post about a thought that often comes into our minds - or mine, at least - after watching an inspiring movie or reading an imspiring book. I'm not talking about just any  media, but the kind that has a thick  plot and one of those conspiracies that is working to "better the kindgdom" or "take over the world", etc.

The thought that I had in mind was one of melancholy roots: "That was amazing.... it's just too bad my life isn't that exciting."

Really, this thought does seem applicable to our everyday lives - wherein we help with the laundry and write a blog post or check facebook. Our days don't seem nearly as exciting as conquering a new land or being a spy for an army (though I don't say that war is cool).  So...what do we do about it?

In my previous post on this "issue" I thourally condemned  this train of thought, listing reasons why our lives are  "so exciting"  - The post was a good idea, but I had thought something was the matter and asked God to lead me.  This morning He gave me a slightly different perspective on the subject.

I listened to/watched a short video in which Sally Clarkston was talking about teenagers and careers, etc. She said that the reason teens are such huge fans of "The Lord of The Rings" (and probably "The Chronicals of Narnia") is because they were born to serve, worship, and work for something - to be in the "conspiracy" of something.

That something is God - though I doubt everyone knows that. They feel the calling to join His kingdom, to fight for Him, but sometimes they don't understand.

The answer to the "thought" that often comes into our minds (especially after watching sensational movies of kindoms, etc.) is that we are doing something exciting - and it's more than just finding joy in doing your laundry and checking facebook. That's good, but it goes deeper than that.

We are really in a battle - we are actually fighting every single day of our lives. God's armies are real - Satan's armies are real. If we could see past our physical realm, what a renewing it would cause in our prayer lives!

 But while thinking on all this, we can rest assured - though the battle is hard - that God has won over all. We already have the victory - so we don't have to be afraid of the powers of darkness.

So the next time you feel like your life is nothing compared to that of someone else (fictional or literal) remember what your "insignificant" day plays into. How you do your laundry and what you say on facebook has an affect on the unseen battle going on around you.

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