Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shall We Shine?

In far- away countries Christians are killed and suffer the loss of their loved ones as terrorist fight to extinguish the light of the gospel. Families are separated, pastors are thrown into prisons. Houses and churches are burned, lives are destroyed under the influence of Satan.
Through the ages Christians that are made to suffer for their Lord have stood firmly in their beliefs, knowing that God knew what was best for them. Letters of encouragement have been sent from the suffering pastors, and other great testimonies have been witnessed by many.
We hear their stories and shudder, wondering, hoping, that we won’t ever have to face anything like what they’ve gone through.  We pray that God will be with them and give them Grace, deal in their situations, work it out to His glory, as we go through our days.
In comparison to what goes on in Egypt, Iran, etc. we’ve got things pretty easy here in America. We are still free to worship God however we choose, we aren’t threatened with death every time we darken the church doorway. We cry and pray and are strengthened by our brothers and sister’s testimonies overseas seeing the situations as a time to be faithful for God, to be a light, shining out to many. But do we ever think of how we could shine for Jesus?
In just a regular day, there are many times that we can shine for Christ – we should ALL THE TIME. Think about it. Maybe one of us woke up this morning after a bad night’s sleep. We can rely upon God as our source of strength and go through the day praising him cheerfully, or we can pity ourselves and grump around the house, being a stumbling block to those around us. Maybe your sister is on “your very last nerve,” You can tell her off and create a stumbling block and a bad atmosphere in your home, or you can handle it as befits a Daughter of the King.
People watch our lives to see if we act the way Christians should act. “Are they really different from the rest of us?” Be on your guard, around the house, with your friends, wherever you are, and remember let Jesus shine through you.

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