Sunday, April 17, 2011

Computeritis along with Celphonitidis, and the Cure.

Hohoho! At last I bring up this topic.

Modern technology is an amazing thing, I'll admit. Emails travel so  much faster than letters, Microsoft Excel works with a million times more convenience than a regular paper/spreadsheet, and Microsoft Word - oh, think of all the  paper that a pencil would have filled up two times over! Yes, we've come to rely upon computers. Invitations, picture storage, important documents, games, blogs, emails, facebook, twitter, novels that people like me start under inspiration - it's come to the point that most of my social life is on the computer. (Most of my friends can only be reached by the stretching fingers of "The World Wide Web")

I'm afraid society is addicted - and worse, WE'RE ADDICTED.

Pardon, but exactly how many times a day do you leap onto the desk-seat and cackle greedily at the success of finding the computer unoccupied? (Well, I do have an excuse - I have six computer-people in my family, and only one computer with internet.) How many times do you go for "a quick peak" at your blog or email or facebook a day? How long do you spend texting every day? How long do you spend on your cellphone a day?

These modern indulgences do have a price you know, cellphones are really health hazards - electromagnetic radiation is what you're holding up to your brain! - and what do you think the computer, so close to your face/heart, does for your overall health? Not to mention what the computer, cellphone, and many other modern devices, can do to your relationships. Would you feel very important if your friend spent all-day texting instead of talking to you when you came for a visit? Would you feel loved and appreciated if you were the sibling that was pushed away with "Just a minute, I need to check this real quick.." *an hour and a half later....   And what about God? I don't know of you all have this problem, but computer time, texting, etc. can become a modern day "idol."

As I have already mentioned, the computer is an amazing convenience, and a way to have fun and stay connected with people, HOWEVER: for myself, I think computer time, texting and movie-watching should be limited as much as possible.

A few suggestions for computer time: (Some of these can be applied to texting as well. As far as watching movies, I would set a goal of only watching one a week. (Did I mention that movies seem to fry the imagination?)

  • Pray. Ask the Lord to help you - He cares about the "little" things. :)
  • Set a time limit, and don't break it at any cost. For example: My "at leasure" computer time is supposed to be 30 minutes (school doesn't count.)
  • Try writing up emails and blog posts (and any other post) on paper so all that you have to do is type them up! (It will probably cut down your overall computer time immenseley. (This can also apply to schoolwork that you tend to save on the computer.)
  • Schedule your computer time. Figure out how long you have on the computer and set time limits for certain things. (EXAMPLE: Ten minutes on my blog, five minutes emailing, five minutes on facebook, and ten checking other people's blogs.)
Good Luck - if you're going to try it!

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