Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Single Gift

How blessed you are, you single one,
Don't talk of care and woes.
You've got to much to be thankful for,
Oh what? you'd like to know.
Its no mistake, no misdirection
Of God's perfect plan
That you've not found your special lady,
Or you, that certain man.
God loves you so and has much more
To give than you've ever received.
That He's giving His best to you right now,
You really must believe.
His best is Himself, do you have It in full,
Or only a bit on the side?
No man can meet your needs like God,
Nor can a lovely bride.
If your life's not complete, You know that Jesus is,
And your life He will fill
If you'll only put Him first each day
And live to do His will.
He's gifted you for undistracted
Devotion to the Lord.
There should be nothing that can interfere
With Him and prayer and the Word.
Unless you let down the guard of your heart
And let others take His place,
Then you'll lack joy and peace and hope
And not experience His grace.
So give your heart right back to God,
Let Him keep it safe for you.
And when its better than His best,
He'll make your one into two.
                                                     - Donna L. Mihura.
Although many of us are a mite young to be pining over not being married, *wink*  we can use this poem to realize that God can use us now, before we're grown up.

Also, perhaps we could keep in mind that, although it may not be a "special man" or lady, other things can be distracting us from the Lord... (just a thought.)


Erin said...

Wonderful post, Anna, and such a great that I need often, I'm afraid. :/ :)

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