Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vacation | Wisconsin Livin

It's me. Swinging in for a minute while Ethan is shopping for shotgun shells and Haven is blissfully engrossed in a nap. Things won't be quiet for long though. When the guys get back the excitement will rev up again with a shooting match, then a to-the-death "go cart race" between Ethan and the Pyatskowit uncles.

This here, is a pic of Kara's super-cute graduation party that we arrived RIGHT in the nick of time to enjoy. Driving all night really stinks, people. But it was worth it.

And here's the graduate herself. Luv her.

And here is the babysitter. Becca waits breathlessly for Haven to make the tiniest whimper during naptimes, and whisks her away to play outside at every opportunity. Diaper changing is, apparently, the latest and greatest in importance and popularity; second only to bath time. 

Just kidding. Sauer Kraut is the latest novelty. (Only because my allergies are killing me, mind's supposed to I've been inhaling the stuff.) Healthy food or not, I'm feeling like the Pillsbury Dough Girl while me and Baby 2 are getting close to the halfway mark. Family vacations don't help anything...raspberry pie and stuff...'nuff said. 

But I can't be too grumpy about getting bigger. At least my babe is happy and healthy; and we're a few weeks shy of being half way to holding a snuggly little bundle of angel-soft deliciousness. (Not that we're cannibals, mind you.) 


Luv and Sprinkles,
Mrs. Pritchard


Rebecca pyatskowit said...

aww Annie glad you came to visit I miss you already

Anna said...

I miss you already, too!!!!!

Can't wait for you to come to North Carolina in December!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of your blog! And loved every single minute that we were able to spend together. Love you all so much!

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog look and excited to meet baby #2!


Anna said...

Thanks guys! I was super excited to change it up a little. I'm lovin it, too!!

Already can't wait to see you again, Mom!