Friday, January 6, 2017

Date Night | Please Snow

My husband actually requested hot chocolate. He actually did.

After I picked myself up off of the kitchen floor, I happily finished cleaning up the kitchen counters and made us a cup. So reminiscent of growing up.

Ethan dislikes hot drinks, so anything inside a mug - no matter how cute -, is generally out; but not tonight.

He did ask me to make it sweet. Very, very sweet. "Bitterly sweet", actually.

And when I had him test it, he said "even sweeter."

There was probably a quarter cup of sugar in his one cup of hot chocolate, but I was just overjoyed that he and me would be sipping  something warm at the same time. ❤️

While I finished whisking the whole bag of sugar into his chocolate, there was a considerable amount of banging coming from the living room ceiling, and a mystical white haze that drifted through the house.

We're putting in a woodstove. I haven't seen him this excited about something since Haven was born. We both have always loved wood stoves, and now that THE FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR is due this weekend, we were inspired to go ahead and put it in. Together. With hot chocolate.

Sounds like a date to me!

How in the world we didn't wake Haven up, I have no idea. But we were having fun.

I love spontaneous. It's always so much more fun to revel in the moment than to stick strictly to tradition and schedule. Live it up! I say, and put in the woodstove!

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