Friday, December 23, 2016

Grumpy Greetings | Homemade

2017 is upon us already, (yikes, but that's nuts)... And with it come all the homemade candies and cookies and gatherings of the season. One of my favoritest things about this time of year is all the ::happy mail:: (as opposed to sad mail. You know; bills and never ending credit card offers.) Last year I didn't send a card, since it was just the two of us + I was swamped with wedding thank you notes.

But this year we has Gwabie.

HANDY HINT: Don't bother asking how we come up with such weird nicknames. They evolve slowly, and in the most complicated way possible.

So I set about to order a picture postcard from one of those online thingies. I laughed. No way was I spending that much an a picture that would only hang on somebody's 'fridge for a week.

So, with the help of hot glue, a few snips of ribbon, and my collection of scrapbook paper: this happened.

Nothing like a grumpy baby to spread the joy of the season - but this pic was too cute to pass up. ;)

It takes a long time to make one-a these, so I couldn't make them for my whole list of friends and family. I felt so mean. But at least my long lost family in Wisconsin will know that I still exist.

Oh, right. The front - that was a free printable. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I've always wanted to be that artsy, but the handwriting gene totally skipped me and --

Oh, wow.'s almost 1:00 and I need to go finish my cookies. Making them, that is.

A Jolly-Most Thursday To Thee and Thine;


Bethany D said...

Haha! So far my only nickname for Ella is "Lala" but it is funny how those things come about. I did my Christmas cards (which I am still sending out... *facepalm*) through Wal Mart for super cheap since I KNEW I would never get around to find time and make something. They actually turned out okay, and beat the price of all those other crazy sites!

Anna said...

Walmart definitely sounds like a waaaay easier option.

And "LaLa??" #heartmelt