Monday, August 5, 2013

The Schedule {Help}

Disclaimer - If this post makes no sense, it's because you need to read THIS one first.
Every little girl plays "house" when she's small - I guess I just really never stopped :) It went from toting baby dolls and blankets everywhere, to building a play house with stones, to pouring over home decorating books at the Library, to setting up a "dream home" on Pinterest; complete with color schemes, cozy-but-convenient-rooms, organizing inspirations, my recipe collections...and it goes on.

Just plain ol' fun.

But then the hard part comes.

"Anna," said she, "I'd like to talk to you, when you have a minute."

"Okay," said I, tossing a dish towel down the laundry-chute and wondering what to expect.

I sat down.

"I was wondering...did you have any sort of a schedule planned out?"

Something shriveled up inside me. Schedule; my enemy from long, high-school days. Schedule; the single sheet of paper with power to overwhelm and defeat. Schedule; with swift-marching colums of time limits. Schedule; my arch enemy.

No. Please, no.

"Um...well, I kinda had a plan in my head...."

Mom is the sensible type who's never overwhelmed by anything to do with housekeeping or gastronomic get-togethers or ginormous chore lists. She likes routine, loves a clean house, and schedules are her cup o' tea.

Amazing. I know.

So I found myself seated in front of a very large Microsoft-Excel sheet (soon to be titled "Anna's Senior Year 2013") and I began to realize something.

Oh. I guess this IS important.

Although the word "plan"  sounds a whole lot more friendly, a schedule is a huge asset to running a household. I suppose.

Flying "by the seat of your pants" may be more free and leave a peaceful atmosphere in one's soul...but it's hard to keep it there when it's 5:30 pm and the roast is still frozen. With the bare-essentials all planned out, on the other hand, there's peace of mind in knowing that there will be time for everything and a few hours to spare; a slot for devotions, a slot for fixing your hair and a luxuriously large slot of time for dinner prep. :) {My three favorites}

I'm actually excited about it, now :)

We'll see how this goes, but I'm convinced that schedules are dreadfully important. (Dreadful as they may be.) At least until you have the necessary sequence of daily necessities figured out and paired with their proper times in your own, personal day :)

The End.

Just kidding.

I'm going to go ahead and throw in the schedule that Mom and I wrote up (In case someone might find it helpful.)

PS. Just for fun, would you be so kind as to write up a "schedule" for "a perfect day" in your comment? It'll be fun to see what everyone comes up with.

7:00  Rise
Start laundry
Dinner prep
Toilette  - It's French for getting ready for the day.
Breakfast prep
8:00  Breakfast/cleanup
Lunch prep
Pick/up bedroom/playroom
Tidy living room
Tidy bathroom
Tidy dining room
Tidy kitchen
Switch laundry
9:00  Devotions/pray
10:00  Math
11:30  Lunch prep
12:00  Lunch / cleanup
Kitchen tidy
Laundry folding/putting away
2:00  House p/u
4:30  Supper prep
5:30/6:00 supper /devo/cleanup
meat out of freezer/breakf&supper
laundry folding/putting away
house p/u

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