Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Education of Anna Pyatskowit

Candidly, I'll say that I tend to have a very peaceful personality. I take life slowly - eyeing the details, doing my best at things and carefully, perfecionistically, adding the "laces and bows" to all hairstyles, plans, relationships, table settings, and the like.

Some people might call the above description "pokey-slow."  Maybe it is - but I like to justify myself as a diligent slowpoke, at the very least. ;)

Anyway, knowing my personality, I've often wondered what my future home will look like when (inevitably) company stops over unexpectedly. I've thought about whether or not meals would make it to the table on time and if my kids would still be schooling into the middle of August every year. What about the laundry - could I keep up with it?

Apparently I complained of my fears in front of mom a few too many times. 

Finally, she got that thoughtful/compassionate look in her eye and basically said "Anna, I think you'd do just fine, but you need confidence...and confidence comes by experience."

Oh, that I'd kept my mouth shut. When, when when will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut.

It just so happens that I'm a senior this year. Having already collected all of my high-school credits, save two, my schedule is very light.

Not now.

I'm currently pursuing a "BA in humanities with a concentration on homemaking" at White Oak Christian College (which is still White Oak Christian School for my three siblings.) (Of course I'm kidding, but did you know you can actually go for that degree in some colleges?)

Therefore, I am in charge of the cooking, menu-planning, laundering and tidying of the Pyatskowit household for the entire month of September - and possibly the whole school year.

Part of me is scared to death, and the other part is excited. However this turns out, it will definitely be an adventure.

That's where you come in. Dear blogging friends, I shall be posting of my successes and woes on this blog twice a week. I promise. (Er, *cough*, I promise to try, anyways.)

It should be rather comical.

For the record though, I'm very thankful mom came up with this idea and don't regret opening my mouth in front of her at all. I was being sarcastic ;)

Wish me luck!


Elisabeth said...

Your mom is going to LOVE this. I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted the whole year. haha

You have a great mom.

Anna said...

I definitely agree, Sister Elisabeth :)

Lily said...

You know, Elisabeth, the BA is a FOUR YEAR degree...