Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoying Cleaning - By The Owner of "Sparkle!" Cleaning Service

Some days, after a challenging job, I mentally declare that "I will never do this again." Other days, I breathe the aroma of a scented candle while I get ready to clean and decide that this is amazing.


I've made a whole lot of memories, anyway.

From one Cleaning Expert to another (whether you're cleaning your own home or somebody else's) I'll advise:

1. Take a Cd. Or two. Or three. Or, actually, you could take the whole case from the van. ;)

2. When working alone, it's an opportune time to pray. In the quiet,  while you wipe down a sink, you can spend time doing what's most important.

3. Keep an eye on the doggies when you let them out. Despite what you think, they probably wouldn't mind joyfully running around the neighborhood...with a harried cleaning lady running after them. Oh. And if the garbage truck is picking up garbage on that particular day, it will be considerably more exasperating.

4. On bad days (Wherein you'd rather to just stay  remember that you'll soon be on your way home. It feels like a victory ride, some days...with the music singing and the scenery flying past...IT'S WORTH IT!

5. Work in a rhythm; to the tune of "Victory is Mine" or "I'll Fly Away"...Or just start working quickly and listen for the rhythm that your hands and feet and breathing make, strive to keep up that rhythm!

6. Another tip for motivation: Make a list of "favorite things" that you can get because of your cleaning job and sing it to the tune of "My Favorite Things."

For instance:

"Gifts for my friendies
and jackets and chap stick
big bars of chocolate
and pretty, clear glasses,

Beautiful fabric
for gowns, alamode,
Cute burner-covers for Mama's new stove...

(That isn't my list, btw.)

7. Look for anything enjoyable or beautiful around you and treasure it. In spite of popular opinion, cleaning can be a simple (sometimes complicated) pleasure.

8. Remember that cleaning can be God's will for you today.

So. Next time you walk in the door and see dishes stacked up to the ceiling, dust three inches thick in the hall and dirt all over the bathroom floor, dig in with a smile and


Zoë said...

Loved it Anna. It made me miss you.

Katherine said...

Great post :)

Anna said...

Thanks girls! :)

Same here, Zoe!