Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Rock

The cold water was intimidating as our feet and hands groped for stability. Deep, deep water waited out there, unknown water, scary water - but we wanted to swim, to overcome the uncertainty.

We teetered over slimy stones that we couldn't see, grasping a neighbor's arm when we lost our footing and tipped toward the murky depths, shrieking.

She clung to my arm, nervous as anything, giggling uncertainly....But then, suddenly, she inhaled sharply as the shock of cold water engulfed her further. We had stepped down yet another, two foot drop off. How far would this go? Please. Please. Be the last one.

"Anna! Anna!" She grabbed my arm with both hands and gave a shivering little sound of excitement.

Once, imagining that it couldn't get too much deeper, I pushed off and began to swim through the middle of this creepy swimming shoes filled with water and my "swimming" took a lot of energy. Reaching down with one foot, I found the bottom of this muddy creek was nowhere to be found. Upon escaping to the other side, I never tried it again. (By the time I'd worked up enough nerve and was willing to try, I was busy helping people get back to shore.)

As we groped our way up the rocky shallows, I was again surrounded in groping hands that clung to the most stable surface they could find - I understood. I had done it myself, a time or two.

 Next to me, my little sister grew desperate and she searched for footing, grabbing my arm, eyes wide, asking for help.  I, in turn, grabbed her arms but it took a split second more before she completely calmed. "I found the rock. I'm okay now."

The simplicity of those words combined with the sudden calm struck me as we continued up the rocky shallows. It reminded me of something:

Murky, unknown and scary as times in life can be, there is still a solid rock that is unchanging and faithful. The steadiness of God is one of the things I love about Him - "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. As all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay."

This is a reminder that makes my heart sing. I hope it makes yours do the same. :)


Katherine said...

I love what you wrote and the picture! :)

Anna said...

Thank you, Katherine. :)