Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's Her Birthday

Hi Ya'll.

I am currently enjoying (or frying) in the heat of West Milton Ohio at the Believer's Youth Camp, having the time of my life, laughing with friends, being blessed by the services and various gifts of God....AND celebrating the 16th birthday of one of my wonderfullest friends - Zoe Sanger.

She is currently at camp with me (obviously) and to make her home-coming special, why don't you hop on over to her blog and say something nice? :D

She has previously, graciously made a tutorial for "The Hair Salon" that you might remember her from. She's awesome with hair-styling, violin playing, and always looking nice (at least, when I see her.)

Happy Birthday Zoethy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!!! Love ya!