Monday, May 21, 2012

An Answer.

I've thought about that verse in the Bible that says to have an answer for those who ask about the "Hope that lies within you" and wondered how I would word my answer when somebody finally asked me what I believed.

Would I be stumped by a question? Would  I only be able to say "Brother Branham said we believe it this way because..." and not know where the reason behind the belief is in the Bible? (Whoever I might be talking to probably wouldn't know Brother Branham.)

 It is our duty to search the scriptures about what we believe and know where things are found.

I think many (myself included) these days don't search the scriptures or listen to the messages enough. We might  read, asking the Lord to speak to us, pray, and ,occasionally, listen to a recorded message, but we don't seek out the "whys" from God.

I didn't think much about it, but it's so important. There are more good reasons for knowing these things than only knowing how to witness. For one: when someone tries to explain why your beliefs are wrong, what is going to hold you to the truth? Will you be stuck with "Brother Branham said" as you confusedly listen to a person who seems to have a scripture for all of their beliefs,  or will you be able to stand firmly on the word of God with serenity, knowing exactly why you believe what you do and that you have "Thus saith the Lord?"

Be sincere. Ask Him to show you. Ask Him to guide you every day. Ask Him to help you be ready.

We are ambassadors for God, shouldn't we know how to represent our heavenly kingdom?

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Very thought provoking. It is so important to keep God's Word, the Bible as our absolute. No matter how good (or bad) something sounds, we should always check it with God's measuring stick. If it's in the Bible we can rest assured that no matter what other's say, God meant for us to live by it.

Ireland said...

I awarded you at my blog!