Saturday, April 14, 2012

When Dreams Meet Reality

I am a dreamer.

That, folks, is one of the most well-fitting labels you could ever put upon me.

I, being a dreamer, talk about dreamy things with other girls. I find that they all have their dreams too -  so we talk about husbands, children, what our houses might look like, what kind of wedding dress we want, what kind of car we'd like to own, what we'd like to name our children, what we think we'll do with our lives, how we'll celebrate our graduation, etc. It's lotsa fun.

I've been in a pretty dreamy mode lately, but there's one thing that I've come to think about (again) that is namely: Will the reality of my dreams shatter their beauty when I get there?

That may sound like a dumb question. But hear me out.

I hear lotsa girls (including myself) who dream about their weddings and married lives - and listen, those of you who are career-destined girls: career or no career, you will probably find yourself, at some point in life,  the mistress of a house, mother of two or three children and wife of (hopefully only) one husband.

The thing is though, we focus on the happily-ever-after (which isn't terrible) but there's something else that we don't think about too often. We aren't ready for it.

That perfect house, resting on cloud nine, (up in dream-land) doesn't, believe it or not, stay clean by itself. Your spiffy, handsome prince's pants don't iron themselves, and your spiffy handsome prince doesn't always act loveable. Your children are wonderful, but they don't hesitate, at two years old, to pinch, hit, lie and disobey as they selfishly seek their own pleasure - which boils down to this: We must prepare.

I think every girl should use her time wisely and prepare for what (probably) lays ahead. Just as you'd make sure you took all the right subjects in Highschool to do well in College, you should "gird your loins" for the battles ahead that usually fall to women.

For instance: You live on one income and the budget's pretty tight right now. You have four children to feed, all of whom are going to need new shoes sometime soon - not to mention that two of your boys have worn holes through every last pair of pants. What do you do to pinch pennies?

And again: Your little girl is constantly crying that her ears hurt. You take her to the doctor and find out that she has a terribly painful ear infection. The doctor prescribes antibiotics, but you know it won't help matters. What do you do? What healthy way is there to clear up the infection?

And yet again: You are a newly-wed and you're totally in love with your young, handsome husband, but you're having trouble keeping the house together. Every time you turn around something needs to be done, breakfast, laundry, dinner, another load of laundry, dishes, shopping, sweeping, and, your husband informs you, apologetically that he invited his boss over for dinner tonight....Or would you, from experience in your Daddy's house, know how to keep it all together? Would you flip out, cause a terrible atmosphere, and wonder how you'd survive?

Now, I don't advise looking only at the bad and worrying yourself over what might lay ahead, but I do say there's a lot that can be prevented.

What say you?


Sanger Family said...

This was a very interesting post! I like how you said to study in high school the things that will help you later on in life. Right now with graduation next year, I'm really thinking about a career, etc.


Anna said...

I'll be praying for you, Kaitlyn. :)