Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Fashions and Me

"OOH!"- Screams me in my brain - "I wish I had that cool skirt!" *sighs wistfully* "WOW! I wish I could do my hair like that...instead of this frizziful, flat hairdo..." *eyes bulge out of their sockets* "THAT has got to be the cutest outfit that I've every seen. If only I could look like more than a hick from the sticks..." *purses lips in thought* "I am so trying to changing my wardrobe when I get home."

Now, perhaps it isn't the same for you, but my whole "train of thought" up there began in jealousy - did it not? And rather broke one of the Ten Commandments -correct? (Thou Shalt not Covet.)

In one such state (If I remember right), I was thinking along the lines of my "thought train" up there. I was probably feeling bad. My hair probably didn't look like the other message girls'and all my clothes probably seemed frumpy, uncreative and something other than what I wanted.

That night I dreamed a dream. I don't think it was an ordinary dream, I believe it was sent from God. Even if it wasn't, it holds an excellent truth.

What stands out to me (from it) is this: "Anna, when you leave this earth, it won't matter if your wardrobe is stocked with cute, creative outfits and the "in style" shoes. You should be dressed in the robes of My Righteousness."

...And I was awestruck.

Would you like to say something?

(BTW: I know that a lot of the "in" stuff is immodest. The kind of "in style" that I allow myself to wear  are styles that are "cute," "pretty," or "beautiful," while still modest.)


Bailey said...

It's true.

There's the innocent girlish delight of squealing, "Oh my goodness, that's the cutest outfit EVER!"

Then there's the jealous poutiness of despairing, "I'll never look as pretty as Bethany Bergmann...did I just say that out loud?"

Bethany Grace said...

Bailey - *severely frowns*

I agree...and it's so annoying. Probably the worst part of being a girl. Just last night, I was planning a bunch of stuff I want to sew for our falling apart wardrobe...and I got a little carried away...

Ireland said...

Sorry this is off topic but I wanted to tell you I put your button on my blog! You can take mine if you want!


Serenity said...

Loved reading this post's so true.

Thanks for the encouragement..! :]