Thursday, November 24, 2011


That day, so long ago, America was a new place to many people. It was full of possiblities, fears, joys and triumphs. It was being formed into a nation of prayer and religious freedom.

Our God was the Lord - and we were blessed.

Today, though the nation is still "prosperous" in comare to others but we have turned God away. We're sliding off of our foundation. America is sinking further into debt and sin, away from morality and the blessings of God.

But true Christians are not of this kingdom. Although we live in America temporarily, our true home is in God's kingdom where blessings and miracles abound.

For this,  I am Thankful.


Sanger9 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Anna! I love the last picture of this post! Did Kara take it?


Anna said...

Thank you, Kaitlyn. :) - Nope. I found it on facebook. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. :)