Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chicken Pox, Food, and Me - and You

I nearly came off the table in shock. "Chicken pox?"

She didn't answer. Just kept talking to my mom.

No way, has this happened. I've had my vaccine! Look! I'm not broken out in little pimple-like marks! - Well, minus my face.

The appointment continued with the popping of bones - or joints - back into place, stumpedly looking in books for answers, more diagnoses (There's more than the alleged "Chicken Pox"), muscle tests, breathing routines and strange finger rubbing etc. But most importantly I was recommended, after much conversation and explanation to (along with my family) clamp down on my daily eating habits. Oh, I was probably better than most, as far as eating went - limited carbohydrates and sugar, lots of meat and vegetables - but not strict enough. I tended to "take breaks" from my habits wherein anything (healthy or unhealthy) was on the menu.

The Doctor wasn't sure what was wrong with me. The chicken pox just didn't make sense. (At least not to me.)

Diagnosis or no diagnosis, I was still permanently stuck into eating healthily. I didn't like it. It wasn't fair. Other people ate whatever they wanted and look! - they had no problems. (I sorta-believed that statement until I thought a little deeper into it and remembered the weight-gain and various ailments that they hosted in and on themselves.)

Still, I don't like change. I nearly cried.

What I've come to find though, through all of my healthiness (and lack thereof) is that eating "whatever I want" is actually pure selfishness. It can harm my future children, ruin the body that God has given me, and more.  It simply makes me happy. (until the meal is over and I feel overstuffed/sick. The happiness only lasts as long as the taste is still in your mouth.)

I've found that it doesn't neccesarily take more grocery-money to eat the way I should, either. Sometimes - most of the time - it's simply a matter of saying "No thanks" to the cookies and taking another piece of meat instead. - It's not fun, but it's being a good Steward.

Your husband, children, associates - and even you, will benefit (or vice-versa) from your choices.

For me, I say "Thank you, Lord!" This is a good thing for me and I hope to straighten out my health (with more of God's help.) I'm glad that I now have another, bigger reason to do what I already was trying to do. This time, Lord willing, I'll do it better.

But what do you think?

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