Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hero vs. Old Man

"Hey Anna, I never did take you out for your Birthday Breakfast. I have to drop Isaac of at Peter's birthday party, so how about a late lunch?"

You can image my reply.

My Dad is absolutely awesome. I have said so, and do continue to say so and will continue to say so (Lord willing) to the end of my days.

In my reflections and comparisons, though,  I wonder how he became such a pillar of strength and wisdom in my mind. What has made our relationship so different from the ones between the disrespectful girls and "uncaring" Dads. What is it that holds me in submission to my Dad, and not the girls that would do things behind his back?

This is a puzzle for me.

I think the main reason for our wonderful relationship is not that my Dad is perfect or that I am perfect, not that he's a pastor and I a pastor's daughter, but because God is gracious and has called us to walk the path of life as He makes it.

The Bible tells us how we should treat our parents and how our parents should treat us. However, without one crucial ingredient, these are just a bunch of "good words to live by" - I think the only way that I can have a wonderful from-the-heart relationship with my Dad is to have Jesus in my heart. (Mind you: even with Jesus in your heart, there can be goof-ups on your part. God doesn't fail but humans do.)

 Maybe Your relationship is a little rocky right now, or you're  upset that he told you not to wear something or go somewhere. Here's a few suggestions that I've found helpful:

 Instead of getting upset about what he tells you, respectfully ask him for the reason behind the rule. (If he doesn't want you to wear something, ask him why. Even if you're not upset it's a good idea to ask him - you could learn some very important things.)

If your relationship is rocky, do your best to fix it. Ask the Lord to help you and be prepared to give up your own wants and wishes to be submitted, firstly, to God, and secondly, to your dad.

PS. This is husband practice. You are to submit to your husband just about the same way you submit to your Dad.