Saturday, July 9, 2011

Declaration News: The Spring of Eternal Youth Has Been Found!

To some people, life is a dreadful, long, hard, hurtful thing that they must endure – knowing not why in the least. To others life is still a dreadful, long, hard and hurtful thing, but they have a better idea. To still others, life is beautiful, full of surprises, and to be kept at all costs. To a fourth group, life is a time to live for God, and a time try to show their gratitude for His saving grace and love.
For some dreadful creatures, such as murderers, ultimate sinners and wretches of the vilest sort, life is short, and society says that such dreadful people should most certainly not be permitted to live, and render the earth a stench in the nostrils of – well, since there’s no God, it doesn’t matter what the stench is – except that in the back of their minds they know that by some standard, these people cause a stench in the nostrils of something. (Scandalous, isn't it?)
 For some, life is taken from them early, when they’ve done hardly a thing at all – I’m talking of abortion here (The discarding of precious human life in selfish selfishness). Sometimes, too,  death calls at the door of the most “good” people that could ever be called a Christians.
All of human life is under an inveterate death sentence. Without something  - that something that “does not exist” – we are simply living to die.
There is a solution to this equation though – Christians have something that does exist. The whole world could have it, really, but they won’t have it. They turned it away years ago. There is a loving God, who has paid the death sentence for these Christians, and though their carnal bodies do run the normal course, they themselves, their spirits, never die.
The “Fountain of Eternal Youth” has been found! You needn’t go to some exotic or foreign land to get a taste of it either, just open your Bible, and drink from Acts 2:38. I guarantee that you’ll never die, or be the same.

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