Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Lately, I have found out that I was one who could be classified as a worrywart. Oh, what a dreadful thing it is to be a worrywart - I've just found that out (I didn't know I was one before.)

For one thing, worrywarts (sometimes) don't seem to enjoy what's going on presantly (even if it's going perfectly) for worrying that the next time it happens it won't happen perfectly. (If this sounds ridiculous just read on..)

You might see them drifting around the edge of the party (in a super serious case of the warts - I haven't experienced this for myself) with a melancholy look on their faces when all the while they might have been having the time of their lives. They spend their lives in dread of what's going to happen next  - pessimistically accepting failure of whatever is in the future.

Their worries can be more serious than just that their birthday party is going to be an epic fail next year - indeed, they can worry about marriage, what on earth they'll do after highschool, the SAT test a whole year away and being an old maid.  (Etc. Etc.)

I've found that to get over being a worrywart - or, more to the point, a "pessimistic life-liver" I have to ask God for help and live life to the fullest as it happens.

Really, when I look around me (even during the days when there's "nothing" to do) I find at least three awesome things that have happened throughout my day. Even the boringest day has its wonderful moments - we just have to learn to look at them instead of that we didn't have anything big going on all day.

We need to live life as it is now, and leave the things that we can't possibly control at this point in time in God's hands.

So, Call "Dr. Jesus" (He's open 24/7) and get your wart removed.


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Kara said...

Wooonnddddrroouuussssss post, if I say so myself!

I have found myself in the "worry-wart" postition myself. :)