Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Servant of All

Relatively short, deep, beautiful brown eyes, a comforting voice... She's a servant, and undercover agent, a brilliant professor, and a keeper  at home. A music star, and a wife. A little-known woman, but a celebrity.
Who is this? Oh, it’s easy. Some of you might have figured it out already. It’s a mom – my mom in particular. Now, I truly dislike it when somebody goes around bragging about their mother as if she’s the only mother in the world who can do the things that she does – and though I believe my Mom is incredibly unique and very talented, be assured that your mom is most likely just as gifted in her own ways.
Through the many years that I’ve been with this especially special person, I have been blessed with the ability to watch, and learn from her example. What an example too. You wouldn’t believe – well, you know me, so you might – what I’ve put her through since I was born.
When I was born, I kept her up at night.
When I was walking I cried and probably irritated her poor ears, when I fell.
When I was old enough to talk, I lied and stole from our fellow church-goers and friends (and even a gas station.)
As I got older I pulled up the flowers out of her flower beds
I emptied the cabinets
I embarrassed her in front of countless people
I broke her dishes
She tried to help me, and I got mad
I made messes in her clean house
I ruined her suppers when I became old enough to cook
She sewed me clothing and I wouldn’t wear it
In short, I made her life miserable.
More children came into our little home, and they started the process all over again – although, truthfully, they probably weren’t as naughty as I was - and Mom continued patiently, cleaning up the spills, accidents, and regurgitated food. She kept changing diapers, cooking meals, loving us, holding us even when we were sick and gave her germs…
Now, she has even more responsibility. A teenager (hi everybody!) who keeps her up until “all hours” of the night crying out her problems into those ears that have heard her cries ever since she was born, a twelve year old, a nine year old, and a 5 year old who is a lot like her oldest sister, a house that MUST (on her terms) be cleaned before every church service (most of which are in our home) twice a week, laundry that just keeps getting dirty, budgets to keep, bookwork to do, homeschool to teach EVERY day, a husband to cherish and get off to work every morning, and appointments to be on time for every week – and occasionally, she’ll check facebook for herself.
My Mom has been ridiculed for being what she is – a woman who homeschools her children, and a stay at home Mom.  Some people might call this job “beneath her potential” but should they try it, they’d find that it takes a lot of talent to run a home.
My Mom is literally “the servant of all,” and I look up to her, and hope to be someone like her when I grow up.


Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

Maria said...

Ah yes, Mothers are amazing! Your mother, yes she is so lovely! And I have to say I fear I have done the same to my mother! I wonder, how do moms do all they do?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this lovely post. You truly are a blessing. I'm so thankful that God gave you to me.

God really did know what would bring happiness to a woman. While careers, more money, possessions, and self-fulfillment are the rage of our day; God had a very different plan in mind. He planned for a woman to find true happiness in loving and serving Him. Part of that plan was to be a helpmeet to her husband and a mother to the children He would bless her with.

While being a mother does require a tremendous amount of effort and self-denial, it also brings unfathomable amounts of joy, because she is fulfilling the purpose God created her for. She is raising the next generation. The success or failure of our homes, churches, and yes, even our nation, is placed squarely on her shoulders.

We, as mothers, have a great responsiblity to do our job well. God is our "employer", strength-giver, and supplier. Although we may not receive accolodes from the world, applauase from our friends, or the prestige of climbing the corporate ladder; we can be content knowing we are fulfilling a "high-calling" from the King of kings. He sees every effort and He makes it all worthwhile.

Love you.

Bailey said...

I love your mama too and it's no arrogance or stretched truth to say she's one of a kind.

What a beautiful tribute.

Anna said...


Kara said...

*sighs* I love my mom!

Anonymous said...

Yes Anna, I agree with you whole-heartedly. Your mother has always been very special. One day you will have a little girl, and I'm sure she will be able to say the same things about you that you say about your sweet mama. Your life speaks louder than your words. always teach by example; as your mom has done for you. love ya! mamaw