Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As Unto the Lord

"NOOOOO!" I scream inwardly.

Math, History, Schedule, Earlier mornings, Rushing....  Yep. Winter Vacation is over, and we're heading back into the "daily grind."

I, as a normal human being, am inclined to rush through the duties that I don't care for...especially coming out of vacation (don't add the extra ingredient if you have to go all the way to the basement to find it! It's okay if you don't pay attention in History - just so you make a decent grade on it... etc.) However, if God's word is His will - which I believe it is - doing things "As unto the Lord" doesn't leave haphazard jobs.

Things in our house do get crazy sometimes and I have to be content with "my best try" lack of time calls for cut-corners and imperfect jobs. However, doing something "As unto the Lord" doesn't mean that the job - or whatever it is - must be perfect. I should aim for "the best that I can do," and do it for the Lord, even if I know that it won't be incredible when I'm finished.

I am a perfectionist - even more than the usual kind, since I think of "As unto the Lord" when doing my regular duties. However, perfection takes time - and there isn't always enough time. (I want to have every speck of dust out of the bathroom cabinet, but church is in approximately 3 and 1/2 minutes. etc.)

This is something that's hard for me to do... but I shall try - with the Lord's help - to do everything as to Him. This isn't a typical "New Years Resolution," I don't make resolutions at the beginning of every year - I have no faith in them . (Without God, things are hopeless.) However you might call this new case of "resolve" by the typical term, since it did occur to me around the "New Year." :)

Happy New Year Everyone, May God Bless You!


Bailey said...

My friend described the lack of purpose regarding schoolwork as senioritis...you know, it's your senior year and everything's wrapping up and so what's there to do but get good grades until graduation?

But your post reminded me that there is purpose. I've been slugging through school today, not caring what I learned or what I did (which is very unusual for me, especially on science tests).

Thanks, Anna. :o)

p.s. I don't make resolutions either. I sort of "set the stage" for the New Year with some general goals and attitudes. Maybe that's a resolution. Maybe not. Who knows.

Anna said...

Dearst Bayleaf,

You're totally welcome. :) I'm glad I could encourage you in this small way. :)

Love you!

Anna said...


Kara said...

That's too bad...That you feel that way...that is.

Zoe said...

Dear Anna,
Loved your post~
And your Playlist is totally awesome!I was surprised to see you had it from mixpod. Never saw it before~

Anna said...

:D Well, thanks for your sympathy Kara.

Zoe - Yeah right! You inspired me - thank you. :) (I like your profile pic, by the way...so beautiful. :)

Maria said...

I know, getting back into the school routine was SO hard! Ugh, I was sleep deprived and crabby, and who's cares about algebra anyway right? Glad some others feel the same!

Anna said...

:D) I think almost everybody can sympathize.... (or at least they could last week...(the first week back to school.)

Anonymous said...

Papaw says. "Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow!"... of course nobody listens to papaw...thank goodness!!! mamaw