Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful, Wonderful Words

Words are incredibly tricky and slippery things sometimes. Slippery, because they seem to slip right out of your mouth when you don't even know that they're escaping. Tricky, because they can cause indescribable joy, cut straight to - and through- a heart and quench a tremendous thirst for praise. Words can utterly smash, bash and BLAM high-hopes, express love, hate, the level of intelligence and maturity a person has, and people often judge you by them.

Words are also very interesting things. Long ones astound us, short ones make us laugh, cruel ones hurt us, happy ones lift our spirits, and each and every human (except for a few) have the ability to bestow certain words onto another person's ear, that inspires the person to become absolutely horrible, or angelic.

No, I'm not kidding in the least. Have you ever seen a disagreeable person talking to her sweet heart? The hard, hurtful words suddenly become sweet and charming in most cases, and the same kind of words are said back by the afore mentioned sweetheart. Why does this grouchy, disagreeable person suddenly turn so sweet? "Oh," you might say "that's easy enough - the girl is trying to impress her sweetheart and won't be caught saying a cross word in front of him." This is true. But it must have been caused by the kind of words that her sweetheart chose to use the very first time he met her. If he had said to her *splutter* "You're the ugliest person "I've seen all day! Your clothes are such eyesores, hide yourself before I faint from your homeliness!" Let me tell you, the disagreeable person would probably not have cared if the said sweetheart lived or died, much less said a kind word to him. No. Sweet, kind words must have been said from the very start - thus the said grouchy person must have come to admire the sweetheart, thus beginning the relationship, and prompting kind words to ease themselves out of her mouth.

Words are some of the funniest, and most inspiring things as well. Many people have interesting and somewhat hilarious sayings that they like to quote and say to their chums. Some of mine are:

"Silence! Or your tongue will make you deaf!" - that's one of my favorites.

"But I want to live! - I want to stay right here on my nice manure pile, smelling the sweet breezes..." - Quoted from "Wilbur" the pig.

"Oh Miss Cuthbert, this is the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me. " - Anne of Green Gables

"God is too wise to be mistaken" - From the song "Trust His Heart"

These are only a few of my favorites.

Words, are funny, smart, a step higher, intelligent, wise, kind, hurtful, hateful, loving - and the list goes on. But to me, the most powerful word that can be said is not actually a word, but a name. The name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Out of all the words to be respected and reverenced, this is the one that deserves it most, and yet it is taken in vain at least a hundred times every day. Teenagers, parents, little kids, businessmen, grocers, all of them are capable of using this word the right way - in prayer, and it would do them good. However, they choose to take God's holy name in vain, but it's the only word that can set them free.

As daughters of the King, we should respect the name of our Father, and always try to choose our words wisely. Remember what power your words have, and try not to say them in spite or anger, but be wise, and let God guide your tongue.

PS. Leave a few of your favorite quotes in your comment if you can - I'm looking forward to reading them!


Kara said...

Nnnniiiiiccccceeee picture of the tongue depressors!!!! :D jk...

Here's some of the quotes I like:

"Eating a carrot also...Multitasking??"


Kara said...
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Bailey said...

Was just thinking about this. Words mean so much to people. I can remember countless times when I carelessly say kind things to new people I meet or something, and they'll hang around me afterwards as if I'm their best friend. Words are that powerful...and people believe them.

Too bad for Certain Talkative Persons (*cough*) who just like words for words' sake. :D

Quotes, quotes. Oh, one of my recent favorites is from Mrs. Bennet (P&P, you know): "Those who do not complain are never pitied." Makes me laugh. :P

Bethany said...

My favorite quote "I'd rather see you go after the ball and miss, then not go after the ball" ~ Bethany Bergmann. ;) LOL - kidding, kidding...

I can't think of one. ;)


Kara said...

Hahahaha. Nnniicccceeeee! :D

Anna said...

Oh, Kara. You would pick that one. :) I like it.

Bayleaf: lol:) That's pretty good! I must have missed those words when I saw P&P.

Bethany Grace Bergmann! That is VERY good advice - I shall have to memorize it. :P