Monday, June 11, 2018

Journal Throwback | Pritchard Logging | Happy Days

Every little while a casual invitation invites me to his world.”So, do you wanna come to work with me tomorrow?” Stepping down into the four-inch slime of brown, North Carolina mountain mud, my eyes were opened again. They always are when I come.

I feel the steam rising from everything after the heavy, pattering rains. Some winged fantom beats up a breeze on my skin. I’m glad I didn’t see it. Bugs that big are the stuff nightmares are made of. 

Thick mountain laurels line the gravel road. It’s beautiful; if you’re not in charge of getting heavy equipment to wind down and over and through these sharp hills and corners. Oh, yeah -apparently these are“hills.” Where I come from, this here“Rattlesnake Ridge” would be “Rattlesnake Mountain.” 

But Mister Optimist plows right on through it all with his trusty dozer and ingrown tenacity. I’m always amazed at how in the world he does it. He wouldn’t be happy doing anything else. It’s his passion.

It would be my nightmare.

I’ll be the lunch lady. 

Feeling the sweat prickle on my forehead, eyeing the busy hornets that zig zag around the piles of logs, looking up at the tall, rugged, beauty of this unmerciful job; it makes me proud. There’s not many men who would love the hard work so much. He revels in conquering it; making it happen.

And my phone is dead, so I have no pictures. Sorry.  You’re stuck with my sappy-in-luv rambles today. 

Without further ado:



Anonymous said...

Awwww this is such a sweet post<3 I wish more married women would do post like this, in my mind there is nothing sweeter then the love and romance on a of happily married couple.


Anonymous said...

You are blessed with one of the best! So thankful for Ethan and how he loves the Lord, you and those sweet baby girls.

Anna said...
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