Monday, May 7, 2018

What A Mom Blog Looks Like | Behind the Scenes

"Haven...Are you seriously eating that rock...."


"No, don't take Hope-y's hair bow off."

"Don't touch the buttons."

"Awwww, that's so sweet Havie Luv..."

"Nope. This is Mommy's tea."

"Hey?! Why are you off of the porch? You're not allowed off of the porch sweet girl.."

"What's wrong baby, are you stuck?"

"You're just fine."

"Get down. You can't be up here."

"Be sweet to Hope-y."

"No, she can't eat the rock either."


"Don't touch Mommy's phone. No. That's Mommy's, not yours."


"Come to Mommy!"

"Good girl." 


This is what it looks like on paper. It's much more fun in real life. Obviously, we took the office out to the porch this afternoon. Haven was having a blast going up and down the steps, driving her coop car back and forth, dragging things around, patting Hope every once in a while and telling me all sorts of exciting things in Toddler-Speak. 

It was hot, but I've been out of cream for a while and just picked some up, so I couldn't resist a cup of hot tea. 

Love, love, love. 

Love, love, love, love, love. 



Heavy cream is a life source in this house. 

Out of curiosity; what's the one thing in your pantry or fridge that you cannot be out of? 


Anonymous said...

this is such a cute post<3, I may not have kids yet but I have enough baby-sitting to know what trying to get things done with a toddler running around is like:). and I don't think I could live without my green tea I don't care that it's 80 something out I still having my tea:D

- Rose

Anonymous said...

You are doing such an amazing job as a Mom! “Here a little and there a little, precept on precept, line upon line.” Love the pictures. You all are soooo beautiful. (And I love cream, too.)

Anna said...

Tea lovers UNITE!


Thanks Ladies.

Kristen said...

Heavy cream, coffee and minced garlic 😁