Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Why | What I Do All Day

Dear child with hair in your eyes,

You are beautiful.

Little girl with peanut butter from head to toe,

You'll be a great cook one day.

Sweet Darlin with messy hair,

You're more than this world to me.

Crazy girl yelling at the top of your lungs,

I see the potential of a well-mannered adult.

You are why I stay here at home; because there's so much bound up in you that only I can see. So many gifts hidden in your heart, so much beauty that waits to be let out in the world.

Cultivation, prayer, and somebody with a whole lot of time will bring out the things that a babysitter or day care provider doesn't know are there. 

Time is my gift to you; my love for you. Time is why I'm not leaving today, or tomorrow, or the day after that.

I hold you close while you cry, trying not to see all the work that I need to do, hearing words echo in my head. "What do you do all day? You don't "work," You have time..."

Time, yes.

Not time to give - time to keep close. Time before time runs out and this impressionable phase is long gone.

People puzzle. People scoff. Raised eyebrows, questioning eyes.

We fail to see that fulfillment isn't in "how full you can pack your schedule." Success doesn't mean being busy until all that's wonderful is crowded out of your life. The argument lies in "Who's busier." The solution rests in "What does God ask?"

Little girl trying to eat dirt from the flower garden,

You're more important than what anyone thinks.

Soft heart, so quick to believe,

This is my job, because you are important to God.

No matter who says what, or how times change - I'm here for you with all my heart, for as long as you need me.

You are why I stay home.

**Please note: I do realize that there are times when working outside the home becomes necessity. That's fine. Whether you "work", or don't - I'll still be your friend. These are my own convictions, and I don't force them on anyone else - You serve God and your family in the way that He leads you. Only what's done FOR CHRIST will last. 


Anonymous said...

Our children are worth so much more than a career or any amount of money. Parents taking the time to be with, train, teach and influence their children is God’s original design and no matter what society believes, His program works!

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful post<3 I wish more would understand why staying at home and being there for your kids is so imported.