Sunday, May 27, 2018

Packing for 4 | In A Carry-On Bag

You heard me. Four in one bag. 

We decided to fly for our spring trip to Wisconsin this year, which was a little adventurous, considering our two tiny girls, but it seemed a fantastic alternative to seventeen hours in the car...

 I knew we were going to have to haul the girls, the luggage and their two carseats through the airport, so  I made up my mind to pack all four of us in my faithful turquoise roller bag. This said bag has been absolutely everywhere with me, and I've packed for as many as TWO WEEKS AT A TIME in that thing.

I guess, if you're one of 'those' who get all excited about labels: I'm a minimalist. 

Our trip was four days in total. Here's what I did.


One bag held everything for one day, for one person. The girls are still tiny, so I packed theirs together. Everything for "Monday" was stuffed inside -- hair bows, socks, jewelry -- It takes out all the guesswork and makes for more efficient morning routines. AKA:  Less "Hun...where's my black socks?" on Sunday Morning. 

The other plus is that stuffing each outfit into a bag compresses it = more room in the suitcase. 

Thankfully Ethan isn't a large man, so the plan worked to perfection. We wore the casual shoes that we planned on wearing all weekend, and packed our dress shoes in the bottom of the carry-on.

In light of toting less, I decided not to fiddle with the baby-size bottles of lotion, body wash, etc. We stopped at the store when we got there and bought small packs of diapers, wipes, and other necessities. By the end of the trip there were only a few left to stuff into our "luggage." 

I took a tiny purse and Ethan carried a backpack with our laptop, chargers, and anything we might need on the flight. 

Believe you me: THAT WAS PLENTY. Ethan had his backpack, Haven's big ol' carseat in one hand and Hope's big ol' carseat (with Hope inside it) in the other one. I had Haven in one arm flying behind him with the aforementioned carry on bag. 

How did the flight go? Toward the end of our longest leug (North Carolina to Chicago) the guy in the row next to us turned to me and admitted: "I'll be honest. I wasn't real excited to see you guys get on the plane...but they did pretty good." 

"Well... thanks." 

Praying is the best prevention, I'm telling ya. 

We had a fantastic time, I didn't forget to pack anything and we made it there and back in one piece. 

**I love my turquoise carry-on bag.**


Rachel said...

Hi Anna,

Love reading your blog. And those excellent packing strategies!

Justin and Kaitlyn said...

That's how my mom always packed for us when we were younger, except we had the good ole Walmart bag haha! It worked though and its so easy to just pull out your "bag" for the day! Glad you all had a good time in Wisconsin!


Anna said...

@Rachel - Why, Thanks! I appreciate you stopping by:)

@Kaitlyn - I LOVE 'The Bag' Strategy. It makes life sa'much easier.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe you did that! I had a hard time fitting just my stuff in a carry-on when I take a week trip to AK:)

- Rose