Monday, May 14, 2018

My Hairbow Obsession | Hints On Baby Hair

I'm her. That Mom.

My children will probably look back at their toddler pictures and wonder what in the world I was thinking, putting those great big bows and flowers in their hair. I know some people can't stand it, but I can't stand to not to.  #sorrynotsorry

A blogger friend of mine had asked me to do a little post about hair bows and hair doing for toddlers and I happened to remember. **Ta-Daaaaa.       

I hope to post a few tutorials later on. 

Obviously, the pictures above serve as an easy tutorial to inspire your own imaginations. I don't like all hair bows. Some look dopey, some aren't the right color, some just need extra pizzaz -- So, long story short: I believe in hot glue.  A hot glue gun and scissors will get you everywhere, my dears.

There's a ton of boutique style hair bows on etsy, there's cute ones at the dollar store, hand-me-downs are terrific (The fairycrown above is derived from two cousins' donations) and there's always the satisfaction and pride that comes with DIY versions. 

NOTE: A friend of mine mentioned (yesterday) that Amazon has oodles of boutique style hair bows for very little. I'll probably be checking that out this summer...

Sad to say, I am an unfortunate disaster in the crafting area of life -- I aint no perfectionist, Hun -- So burning silk edges, measuring little bitty ribbons and BUYING EXPENSIVE CRAFT SUPPLIES isn't my thing. 

Stick with the hot glue and everything will be fine. 

After you have managed to create or collect the proper regalia, there's the actual experience of keeping your little luv still for her beauty sesh. Here's a few very, very self-evident hints. 

1. SECURE THE CHILD. We use the top of the changing table. There's nowhere to run. 

2. USE DISTRACTION. (Books, for instance.)

3. DON'T LET GO.  One of the most aggravating moments in my day is when I'm almost done with Haven's French Braids, Bun, Pigtails or Waterfall Braid -- and the whole thing falls out when she jerks her head in an attempt to escape. Occasionally she's in a special mood and doesn't want her hair prettied. Not letting go when she twists and jerks, makes her realize that she's the one hurting herself, not the other way around. It's not child abuse, it's practicality. 

Also keep in mind that THIS happens. 

Ps. This hair bow isn't for everydayness. No way would it stay in - it's actually for our 2018 family photo shoot: Stay tuned for pics and projects. 

It's okay. She's little. We normally have a hair re-doing party before Daddy comes home, so she's all fresh and angelic looking when he walks in the door.

Questions or comments? I'd be glad to oblige. 


Bethany D said...

I love your hairbows you put in their hair! Ella will not keep a bow on for more than two I'm patiently waiting for the day when she realizes how cute it really is. ;)

Rebecca Pyatskowit said...

Aww I love your model!

Anonymous said...

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