Monday, April 30, 2018

Whirlwind Weekend | Haven's First Hotel Stay

On Friday evening Ethan casually remarked that "Oh, I found out that Shawn Martin's meetings are this weekend. Do you want to go?"

Of course, I'm always up for an adventure. 

So the rest of Friday was spent packing and ironing and putting things in order for the busy two days ahead. Saturday morning began with a 5K walk for my niece and nephew who have been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We love them dearly and believe God is their healer. For now though, we show our support in any way we can. It was a good time!

After that, me and the girls booked it back home to get ready for the Mother Daughter Tea that our pastor's wife hosts most every year for the church ladies. I was very surprised at Haven's primness at the tea table. Things are looking up, my dears! Dreams do come true...

We left from the tea party for our drive to Virginia. The meetings were such a blessing. We always come away feeling refreshed in our spirits and ready to get back at the daily grind with new perspective.

The most exciting part of the weekend for Haven though, was getting to stay in a hotel. 

Big girl bed for the first time!

I remember being so excited about getting to stay in hotels when I was young. Frankly, nothing's changed. Now that I'm the mistress of my own busy little house, the meaning is different, but is more lovable than ever. 

I felt extravagant, throwing the used linens into the tub and knowing that I didn't have to wash them this time. ((Ha!))
It was a treat to leave the sleeping/resting babies with the sleeping/resting Ethan and go down to the lobby to pick up breakfast.
I loved knowing that room service would be in to vacuum and dust. No fingerprints on the windows. 
Just wow. 

There's some things that you can only fully appreciate AFTER KIDS. 
(Date nights for one, and hotels for another.)

This sign made me feel spoiled rotten. I'm still giddy, thinking about it. 

I loved sharing the happiness with this sweet little miss. Hope conked out before we even got to there, but Haven enjoyed every aspect of the one-night stay. It's so much fun to see her loving the things I did when I was small.

Another special memory in the books. 


Rebecca Pyatskowit said...

Aww! looks like you had a fun weekend! Love how Haven's just chillin' in the bed :P

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! So nice to get away for a few days. She looks like such a little princess in that huge bed!

Bethany D said...

The picture of Haven in the bed is adorable!

Anna said...

It's my favorite, too. It was obviously quite the novelty for her ❤️