Friday, April 27, 2018

Hullo Friday | Picnic in the Park | Just a Little Update

How in the whole wide world did my baby get this big? I know. "Broken record." But seriously. It's not cliche when motherhood becomes a personal thing. 

Sunshine-y April days call for playing outside. Away from the carpet. Away from the clean interior of the house. Far, Far Away from cabinets and toilet paper rolls. 

What happiness. Sanity and a walk for Mom, and an unexplored playground for Haven. It's become a weekly tradition for us girls; to sneak away from it all on Friday afternoons and just soak up the sun and fresh air. 

Last week was quite the harrowing experience for all of us. A super nasty kidney infection ended up in a casual trip to urgent care, which led to a far less casual trip to the ER, which led to the discovery of a swollen spleen + liver + kidney + a pocket of fluid under my lung. I had no idea all that could come from an infection you didn't even know you had...  But unfortunate weeks like my last one tend to make me super thankful for good ones like this one. I'm sure a more detailed account and pictures will come in due time...when I get time.

Because, you know, stay at home Moms don't do anything all day. 

<<Eye Roll>>

Wishing you a weekend to remember..!


Justin and Kaitlyn said...

I'm loving the matching dresses!!


Anonymous said...

She’s such a doll baby! So glad you’re feeling better. Love you!

Zoë said...

This is precious Anna!

Bethany D said...

LOOK AT THOSE CHUNKY ARMS! ♥♥♥ I love your adorable family. Ella and I are about to head off to the park ourselves...far away from the snack cabinet, Elmo, and dish washer pods.

Anna said...

Oh, right. The dishwasher pods -- I should have included that in my list as well ... 😂😂

Anna said...

Thank you!! I couldn't help myself...good ol' Carters...ON SALE!!