Monday, March 19, 2018

Stay At Home Life | 9 Ways To Stay Inspired

I'm sitting here on my bed with my brain slowly warming to "on." The data loads, finally, and my list for "today" opens. Rapid-fire bullet points click into place; it's my "Get out the door" list.

"Hun, can you get Haven? Her dress is in the bag on the filing cabinet. She'll probably need a diaper change - the diaper is on her changing table, and the pink hairbow is on the ribbon-hairbow-thingy..."
He smiled. "She don't need no hairbow. She's loggin with Daddy today."

6:30 finds us pulling out the driveway in the work truck. The gray morning light comes gently and damp, fresh air caresses the soft edges of the new day. Dad left his coffee thermos last time he was here, so my tea smells like the baked-in redolence of Starbucks. I don't mind at all.

We stop at a local drive-up restaurant for breakfast. Sweet tea (Ethan. For real, babe?) two giant breakfast sandwiches for the Logger and some eggs, cheese and livermush for me. (Funny, but I had no idea what that was before moving here...)

Ethan is moving all the equipment from one job to another today. As we pull  up to the job site you would think I would be impressed by the beauty of the morning (which, I am) or by the mammoth machinery (which, I am), or the speed and agility with which Ethan operates them (which, I am), but mostly, I'm totally intrigued by the chickens - hundreds of them - coming out of the woods, strutting down the driveway, pecking at grass, bugs each other...

There's probably at least three hundred chickens here. I don't doubt it, watching a self-important, grandiose rooster run from the road, tail feathers sailing.

Haven "ooh's" and "ah's" while she watches Daddy move the different pieces of machinery. Hope snores in her car seat. I take a minute to be still and watch. No phone, no project, no noise - just soaking in the moment for us; being with my family with all my mental presence as well as the physical.

This is a good day. This is a good thing. Sometimes it's important to do something a little different to revive your creativity and refresh your view of the ordinary.

Even good, strong, dedicated Mamma's get tired of the same ol' thing every now and then. It's not wrong to need a pick me up, or feel a little discouraged - just don't stay there! Here's a few handy hints to change up the routine if the scenery is getting a little dull.

1. Get up early. Man, but that's hard for me. Getting up before my kids gives me a chance to get a head start on my day. This kicks out the overwhelmed, frumpy feeling and lends an air of organization. Life is easier with your hair out of your eyes.

2. Pencil In Some Fun. I'm an auditory person. The main reason I wanted to have kids so early was because I missed the sound of family through the day. I look forward to calling Mom or listening to an audio drama in the afternoons, Haven loves to listen to music with me while I make supper, and sermon while I make breakfast sets a nice tone for the rest of the day. Simple? Yeah. But I love noise.

3. Get A Hobby. Check out Proverbs 31. She had kids and was still VERY crafty - it can be done. Go decorate something, sew something, write something, take up scrapbooking, play your musical instrument - don't let your talents go stagnant by falling into the stereotype.

4. Exercise. If you have little kids, chances are you also have some losing and gaining to do. (Losing weight, toning muscle.) You don't have to turn into a professional body builder or anything - just start with a 20 minute walk and some core.

5. Spend time with your kids. The whole reason we stay at home is to be there for them; so do it! Make a little time for "one on one" every day, if you can. Sit down and talk to the two month old, read stories to the two year old, play a quick game with the older one, and so on. It doesn't have to be long, just take time to connect with just them for a minute or two. They need to know they're important.

6. Go Somewhere With The Kids. You don't need to escape them - you just need to freshen up a little. Ask someone to come out for a play date at the park, go visit the grandparents, or even just go outside for an hour of sunshine. None of this is expensive, and it saves your sanity when the walls are closing in.

7. Refresh Your Spirit. Everything becomes frustrating and dull when you're all tired out inside. Wait until naptime when you can get alone, then give Him all your thoughts until they aren't racing around in your head anymore. Give Him all your ideas so He can give you rest. Give Him all your worries so His grace can step in, and stay there until the atmosphere changes - because, I promise, it does.

8. Go Shopping. Once a month I try to get a babysitter and plan a few hours of uninterrupted time to do something. My stress reliever is hitting the stores. It's also fun to plan a date night with my guy, or coffee and girl talk with friends. When I come back, spilt milk doesn't feel like anything to cry over, the girls are happy to see me, and (in many cases) I'll have something new to wear on Sunday 😄. #winwin

9. Start a Business. Again, the Proverbs 31 woman is your example. Can you give music lessons? What about freelance writing? Ever thought of starting an Etsy Shop? Remember your kids come first - don't let your business become more important than they are - but the opportunities are endless!

Nine ideas should be plenty from me - feel free to leave any suggestions you have as well! I would love to hear what you like to do to keep life exciting. The comment box is open!


Anonymous said...

this is a great post, and you have some great ideas! I can't wait till I have a family of my own:)
- Rose

Anonymous said...

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Anna said...

Thanks girly! I always daydreamed of these "mommyin' times" before I was married too. God gives you the desires of your heart!!