Monday, February 19, 2018

The Meaning of Cold Coffee | Two Peas In the Pod

I was going to apologize for the creepiness of the frizzy hair and expression..but it's just the face of mommyin.

It's tea actually, for me. I love it hot and almost white with cream #confession.

It's not meant to be gulped between dishes and mopping. Or ironing and dusting. It's supposed to be sipped slowly, in a quiet moment, peacefully.


I'm typing with one thumb. My left one actually, which makes the whole "post writing experience" considerably more interesting.

My bed is not made. The floors are not swept. Haven is splashing water all over the bathroom floor. I see dust on the piano, and greasy hand prints on the windows. My hair is not fixed. My list for today is pretty hefty. It's already almost 1:00.

In case you couldn't guess, I drank my hot tea cold - between morning baths and kitchen clean up.

And that's okay.

Life is one large merry go round of hungry babies and diaper changes. (So. Many. Diaper changes.)  I pick up the house all day, change diapers all day, take breaks to feed the newborn all day, make snacks, lunches and dinners all day - and by the end of the day, I'm not done. I still have to clean everything up one more time, change two last diapers, make sure everyone's tummies are full...and get some sleep before we start over again in a few hours.

And that's okay.

I found the most tremendous peace when I finally comprehended that truth. There's nothing really wrong about running around in circles. (In spite of best-laid plans). This stage of life is all about that - long, endless loops of the same thing; every day, all the time. But that's "the Father's business" - today, and tomorrow, and  the day after that; over and over, in the same simple ways. There's meaning here, in the simplicity of peanut butter and jelly and quickly folded onesies. This is His work for me.

Slipping down  from that mental realization to the nitty gritty; I found that I had to give up the idea of "being done". Before, I was always disappointed at how nothing ever stayed finished. Finishing is not the point  - maintaining is. Having adjusted my sights to reality, life makes sense. This is a different kind of "goal orientedness" that's just as noteworthy as checking all the boxes.

Another note: ADJUSTING is key. I like my tea hot. I like my counters cleared. I like good hair days. Sometimes for the common good of everyone, re-warming the mug of tea in an hour is a good compromise, as well as a nursing break before the kitchen gets cleaned up.

But, back to the present: My newborn is snoring on my chest. Haven is still singing in the bathtub - she's probably shriveled into a prune by now. It's time to get up, tuck the baby in her crib and get back at it; fully embrace the 'never ending' of these precious days, while my two girls are still small and dependent.

And, oh - in case your coffee is also cold by the time you get to finish it, let me just say this: Don't lose the vision... warm it back up.


Anonymous said...

I am from Woodavel Victoria Australia ..not what your traffic tells you ..found you one day in google and have hopped in and out reading your beautiful posts love to you and your little family ..I love your writing and sense of humour ..Nelly

Anonymous said...

I don't even have kids, but somehow my tea is always cold by the time I get around to drinking it:)

And my tea is always white with cream too!,so white my brother asked if I was just drinking milk:P
- Rose

Rebecca Pyatskowit said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

This is why it is so important to seek God’s will for your life. If you know it is the will of God, you can rest knowing you are doing exactly what He wants you to do. He gives purpose to every task, no matter how menial or repetitious it may seem. If you were asked by God to fix a meal, clean the bathroom, tend the children, it would bring such joy to be able to do ANYTHING that He would need done. You are performing a great service to God by raising your children in the admonition of the Lord and being a godly helpmeet to your husband.

Anna said...

Well thank you for stopping by! So very nice to "meet" you;) I appreciate your encouragement ❤️

Anna said...

CREAM LOVERS UNITE!! Thanks for your comment, Rose;)

Anna said...

Love YOU!!

Anna said...

So true. That view will always completely change my perspective on everything. It always floors me that THIS is what I can do for God. There's a blessedness in remembering that doing it for "the least of these His little ones" means doing it for Him.

Hailey Johnson said...

Loveeee this, Anna!!! Being a nanny full time has taught me the work of a mom is truly never ending! God gives extra strength to mothers to fulfill their calling, that’s for sure. You’re a wonderful momma! :)

Unknown said...

I remember my merry go round days while raising my #5 tribe!
God took every effort I put into it and turned it into a huge 25 person (so far) family.
Those were such blessed days. It was the best of times. He has made life most beautiful for me!

Anna said...

You're getting in tons of great practice, then!!! You're ahead of the game!

Thanks for that compliment...*kicks at a straw on the floor*...we try ­čśé

Thanks for dropping by, girl!!

Anna said...

This is the kind of the that excites me. I know it's a little demanding now, but when it's all said and done, I'll never regret the blessing of a big family and lots of grand kids❤️❤️

Thank you for the encouragement­čśä