Monday, February 12, 2018

Psalm of Toddlerhood | Haven Grace

                                                     The Psalm of Toddlerhood

1.Entreat me not to leave thee, 
nor bribe me away with gold fish crackers, 
for I seek to know what thou art doing.

2.When thou walkest to the bathroom, 
I am with thee. 

3.I shall not depart whether thou turnest 
to the right hand, or to the left. 

4. My smile shall light all the days of thy life, 
my laugh shall warm thy heart.

5. When thou sweepest up the dust pile, 
behold; I am in the midst.

5. Forget not my love for thee; nor underestimate
my good intentions after emptying the
dirt from thy potted plant. Again. 

6. When thou eatest of the bread of thy table
forget not that I want a bite from thy plate.

7. Withhold thy swift wrath when I listen not to thy 
commandments; for it was in search of wisdom
that I sought to empty the cabinets.

8. Forsake me not when thou art changing the baby, 
for it is at this time that I need you close.

9. When I steepest, thou shalt not forget me;
when thou risest, thou shalt teach me life;
when thou walkest, thou shalt hold my hand;

10. When I shout in church, thou shalt love me anyway;
when I pull out the entire toilet roll while thou 
takest a shower, thou shalt laugh and hug me;
when I am quiet, thou shalt be concerned.

11. Yet still, I mean the world to thee, and nothing shall
ever change that. I am yours, and you are mine.



Anonymous said...

that is so cute!

Rebecca Pyatskowit said...

Awww! That is so cute!