Friday, November 3, 2017

Tools For Surviving The Last Trimester | Kinda

This here is real life. #embracefingerprints

The last trimester is no picnic. These notes were sarcastically scribbled during nap time one day. Maybe you'll learn something new - and maybe you could leave me one of your own pregnancy life hacks! Deal? Deal.

M U S T A R D.  You heard me. I don't think I've had leg cramps this bad since I was five. (Secretly, I was terrified that I was growing for the first few days.) I have no idea who came up with it, or why it works, but gagging down a tablespoon (I take two, just to be sure) with water does some seriously amazing things.

T H A   B A T H T U B. I pretty much live there now; I'm surprised my toes haven't grown webs. Hot water dissolves Braxton Hicks. I never had one with my first go-around until a couple days before the baby showed up. Now, they cramp randomly, and with a vengeance. Hopefully I'll be one of those women who walk into the hospital fully dialated with 0 pain because light contractions did all the work.

T H A   S H O W E R. Nope. Bathtubs and showers are two different things.. The tub is great for relaxing crampy muscles, but the shower is a fabulous distraction tool for those aforementioned 'blinding headaches.' Hot water on the back of your neck takes away the burn of the hot water you're already in. (Good luck catching that lame joke...)

P E O P L E.  Between these days of suffering and woe, there are better ones. Those are the ones to stuff full of friends and family. Have somebody over, or go meet them for coffee. Whatever it takes - but get your mind off  of YOU. There's a bigger world out there full of bigger worries and struggles - reach out and be encouraging.

H E A T I N G   P A D.  I don't know what happened to my core muscles between Haven and Thing 2, but apparently they've given up and died. Hence, my back carries the brunt of the load. Hence, it gets pretty exhausted and achey. I was SO excited  when I splurged and brought home an electric heating pad the other day... #littlethingsinlife

P R A Y   B E F O R E   B E D. Really. It felt like I would never sleep again, until I asked Ethan to pray for me. That was the first night that I did - and it's been awesome ever since! There's only been one or two nights that I've woken up briefly.

P R E G N A N C Y   B R A I N. Woman, use it to your advantage. You're going to hear horror stories, and there will be some folks who scare the liver out of you with portraits of "
How tough motherhood will be" -- listen, nod and smile. Then commit yourself to God and DO NOT LET SATAN TAKE THE HAPPINESS RIGHT OUT OF THIS SEASON. It's an adjustment at first, but you were made for this. Happiness is a choice. It's not handed to you on a silver platter.

Well..unless you're in a bakery. I'm still dying for a donut.


Anonymous said...

“Only 90 squats per day will make childbirth a breeze.”
“Gallons of red raspberry leaf tea, will make your world sweeter.”
Take pictures! Someday you will want to show your children how huge you were and you won’t have a single picture. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful! Love that little baby bump!

Bethany D said...

How are you in the third trimester already?!

OH NO. Do braxton hicks usually come around more in the second pregnancy? I don't remember having *any* with Ella...but it's enough to deal with contractions on the birthing day. lol. not. every. single. day.
I'm so sorry. :(

Zoë Kitching said...

Anna! It’s crazy to think that Haven will be getting a little sister soon :) I’m sure everyone is sooo excited to meet her and I cannot wait to see pictures of her! Hang in there <3


P.S. I especially enjoyed the happiness is a choice comment :)))

Sarah said...

Hi Anna,

I can so sympathize with all your symptoms. Hang in there!!! For the leg cramps, do you take a calcium supplement besides a prenatal vitamin? For me this is vital to keep the leg cramps at bay. They are horrible!!!! I find that if I'm not taking enough calcium the legs cramps creep their way in. Take enough calcium, and I get blessed relief.

The supplement Natural Calm is also good for cramping, as well as helps Braxton Hicks, and sleep issues: . It talks about these benefits under the "Miracles of Magnesium in Pregnancy" section. Hope this helps you. Your are in our daily prayers for Expectant Mothers.

We also just got the joyous news that we are expecting, due July 5. Which is miraculous, after 2 miscarriages, then 2 years of nothing. The kids(and of course we too) are so excited. If you could pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby to be okay, we would treasure yours and Ethan's prayers.

God bless you as tread these final weeks of pregnancy! When are you due, BTW?