Saturday, October 21, 2017

Whole30 | Saturday Night Rambles

I'd love to be a health nerd and a fitness fanatic...but it's just not me.

Before I married, Mom emptied her cookbook arsenal into my hope chest like any loving Mommy would. One of the cookbooks was called "Whole30." 

Lately, as an ailing pregnant woman, I have sprouted a sudden interest in food cleanses that generate extra energy and eliminate pesky allergies and stuff. This evening found me resignedly opening an introductory website to read what I would and would not be allowed to eat for 30 days. I fully expected to tweak the allowances here and there since a balanced diet makes more sense for growing a baby than a "juice cleanse" -- or some other such restrictive torment.

The list began with Dairy.


Like, not.

Then it whittled HONEY out of my life for a month.

Okay. That's not even funny. Life with no not funny. 


I know.

With those two eliminations, I made a third: the whole Whole30 thing. Nope.

But the concept is still great. 30 days of dedicated healthfulness. (No exceptions.) I love fitness challenges - believe it or not. I just lack the willpower to never have cinnamon rolls or pumpkin spice lattes. I need a weekly outlet for my pent up sweet tooth. But...for 30 days...and for some extra energy in this here third trimester...and not looking like a marshmallow for five years after the baby is born...

I made my own list of NOT ALLOWEDS. 

It's a secret. 

And I made a list of ALLOWEDS to make life a little easier.

It's not a secret.

I TBLSP of chocolate per day

2TBLSP of honey or maple syrup


Two cups of fruit 

So, I am resolved. No weekly sweet tooth outlet. No date night exceptions. Thirty days. And we'll see if it has any affect on crazy allergies and 3rd trimester exhaustion. 😛

If you were evaluating your ALLOWEDS and not ALLOWEDS, what would you scrap, and what would you not be able to let go of? (Note my 1TBLSP of chocolate...) 


Bethany D said...

I definitely think a chocolate diet is acceptable in your third trimester. Haha. BUT GOOD FOR YOU!
I've always wanted to try Whole30, but I think I'd make some allowances, too. Because sometimes EATING in itself is an achievement for me. lol.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate and honey and dairy make the world a much happier place!

Anna said...

Oh, yuck. Yeah, it took me a while to get back into the habit of eating at regular times.

Actually, who am I kidding -- I still eat "lunch" somewhere between 12 and 2....kinda. :P

Anna said...

Agreed. It would take some MAJOR CALAMITY before I could hand over ma staples...😋

Anna said...

Make that "11 and 3," really...