Saturday, October 28, 2017

How To Waste A Whole Lot Of Money | BUT PRESENTS

#1. Flowers and Things

#2. The Joy

I mean, like, who WOULDN'T wanna open one of these? (I might hesitate, actually...they're so pretties.)

December is one. busy. month. So many birthdays, events and anniversaries, it's crazy! A lot of people would grimace and think mournfully of their thinning wallets...and I probably should too...but...I ADORE PRESENT GIVING. 


There is no such thing as spending too much time and effort on a present. In my opinion, this busy old world is slam full of short-cut-takers and trying-to-save-timers and ultimately, not meaning to, we end up coming across as "just-don't-carers" too often. 
Thinking about this, as December approaches, I thought I'd do a little planning and poking and see if I couldn't try to make the upcoming events more special for the ones I luv :)

While researching myself into happy-ribboned bliss, I thought I'd share the joy. Just because, well... who doesn't love looking at unopened presents?!

Tell me which one's are your favorite. 


I mean. 

**And yes. I know it's still October. But my baby is due soon and there's nothing like being prepared...

#3 Classico


Justin and Kaitlyn said...

Loving present ideas #1 & #2!! And hey, there's nothing wrong with being prepared!! I'm one of those people who starts thinking about Christmas in September 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Btw, when are you due with Pritchard baby #2?


Anonymous said...

Love me some roses! Those top two are adorable. So good to be ahead of the game, so you can truly enjoy spending time with your family.

Anna said...

Lol - saaaaaame!! The gifting bug usually hits me in August..

She's due January 7th! Considering how early Haven was, I'm counting on a late December Baby 😁

Anna said...

Yeah, I think I get that "let's do this ahead of time!" thing from my Mom.


Roses, huh? Good to know...❤ (Even though I knew that would be your pick...)

Anonymous said...

I love the frist one! and it's okay to think about christmas in October My family is singing christmas songs in July:D

Ashley said...

I LOVE pretty present wrapping. I really like the first two pictures.
You're right...there's nothing wrong with spending a little extra time making a package look pretty. I'm kinda getting an early start too. :)


Jessica Peters-Hagenouw said...

#2 !! I am an awful present wrapper... my husband is the pro in that area ;P