Friday, October 13, 2017

Cozying Up to Fall | Recess

I’ve finally figured out why Mom always loved to send us kids out the door before Dad came home. 

Outside, there is no ash bucket to eat from. Outside, spilled milk is nothing to cry over. Outside, the sunshine and fresh air offer the serenity of wide open spaces. 

As a former Northern girl, fall is a long ago memory in light of Carolina October. Mid Carolina October, even. It’s 80 degrees and I’m sweating. More than likely, I’m also getting a sunburn. Even though part of me snubs to itself while remembering the throw blankets and hot cinnamon rolls that would be pure torture in weather like today’s… I’m glad that Me and Haven (and Thing 2) can escape to the out of doors for an evening reprieve. 

Still though, I've been doing my best to make fall a little more fallish. Cable knit blankets on the arm of the couch...butternut squash soup...side-braid hairstyles...sweaters in the morning (before the air conditioner kicks on...)

It's not working. 

But, like I said; I'll take the extension of summer while Haven learns to dig in the flower beds and sit on top of the slide instead of emptying the cabinets and unwinding toilet paper rolls.  ((This stage of life is very entertaining, to say the least.))

On other news: NINE WEEKS TIL WE'RE FULL TERM!!! This week has crawled by. It hasn't been the most fantastic, so  I bought a pack of newborn diapers to remind myself that preggo days will be over soon. 

They're so little.

 We can do this. 

So I try not to think about the nap that I'd love to take, and the cinnamon roll that I'm dying for, and keep taking allergy medicine to squelch the killer-mean headaches. Only a few more weeks. Just a few more weeks...

Did you have any tricks to make the last, uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy more fun? I'd love to hear em.


Bethany D said...

Wait. 9 weeks until a baby comes?!? ALREADY?!?! WHAT?

And yum. That soup looks spectacular (and *cute* cutting board, by the way. I have a thing for them.)

AND LOOK AT HAVEN GOING DOWN HER LITTLE SLIDE. *heart melt* Gah. She is the cutest little thing that ever happened to North (south?) Carolina!

Elisabeth said...

Are the headaches a result of allergies?

Are there any young girls you could have over some afternoon to watch Haven while you do something else? (maybe you live too far out, I don't know)

Anna said...

Actually, Haven only goes *down* the slide by accident. She loves to sit on top of it with her baby doll. No joke.

Anna said...

That would certainly be an option, but I miss having her around when she's gone. We do everything (literally) together, and without her perky antics, the house seems rather grey. Lol

Now when I go clothes shopping...that's when I could use a babysitter. Lol