Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Week 23 | Baby Prepping

I’m over halfway, and nearing month 6 of preggo days, so Haven and I have been making ready for The Grande Bringing Home Of Thing 2 here lately. Herein are some pics of our everydayness in case you wanted to see. ;) ((You're Welcome Mom.))

We’ve practiced some freezer meal recipes (she laid across my two feet and sang little songs to herself while I chopped vegetables and meat.)

We’ve gone through her room and organized it from top to bottom (She was in love with the big bins of clothes. Anytime she could sneak her hands into one, tiny outfits went flying.)

We even went shopping for matching outfits last week (She absolutely loved it. Running two steps ahead of me through the Outlets in Asheville. The only time she wanted me to hold her was when we passed by the water fountain - apparently those are scary. She found a mannequin in the display window at Carters, sallied right up and gave it a great big hug. She was also peaking under the dressing room door at another little kid… *embarrassing moment* All the sales clerks and random passers-by melted at her charm and perky little grins.)

Spring (okay, “Fall”) Cleaning has been pretty high on the priority list. We had a yard sale, took junk to the swap and shop, sold stuff online, washed down ceilings and walls, cleaned out vents, organized closets….

And WOW BUT THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR A GRUMPY SCIATIC!! Thing 2 has a way of kicking and squirming herself into the most uncomfortable spots under my ribs, and the pressure is intense! Coupled with the aggravation of Braxton Hicks, as well as the white-lightning bolts from waist to ankle at the end of a day (them nerves are a little particular about things) it’s not been the most pleasant of times. I’m so ready to hold my warm little downy-headed bundle EXTERNALLY. Oh please, Christmas come soon…

Me and Haven are so excited to have another hair bow to add to the Sunday Morning Scramble. The preparations continue…


Rebecca Pyatskowit said...

I'm so excited too!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol! She's such a sweetheart. Makes me feel like I'm right there experiencing Little Havenisms! Love this post and of course the pictures! Your baby bump picture is beautiful. Can't wait to hold both of those babies!

Bethany D said...

And I'm so, so, so, so sorry about the preggo pain. I know yoga is controversial, but the stretches helped my *literally crippling* sciatic pain (for about five minutes) when it was unbearable.

You make me want to be pregnant again! Haha! Girl, how do you meal prep while pregnant? I tried to do it with Ella and it took me SEVEN. ENTIRE. MISERABLE. HOURS. Wut. Even. Needless to say, she wasn't angelically sitting on my feet singing (although she did think eating lettuce heads was cool.)

Anna said...

"...although she did think eating lettuce heads was pretty cool..." 😂
Thankfully Haven has pretty well figured out that life is too interesting not to explore. Now she doesn't have to be held all the time...but she thoroughly enjoys ripping out the cabinets when I'm not looking. So whichever you prefer 😁. At least she lets me get stuff done;)

And thanks! I feel like a cow, presently, but I keep reminding myself that it's almost over...and its going to be so worth it!!!

Anna said...

Aw, thanks! You're too kind;)

Can't wait for the baby (AND YOU GUYS!!) to be here. Haven will be so excited...more cookies from grandpa..

Ashley said...

I am so happy for you all and the new baby you are going to welcome next year. How exciting! You have the cutest little bump. :)

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