Monday, September 11, 2017

Irma | And The Curtains Went Up | No Pictures

Irma. I've ceased to be amazed at the ugly names that keep being randomly picked for hurricanes...It finally occurred to me that deadly storms are too solemn for a happiful name. The naming committee nailed it this time. All I can think of is "cranky" and "prune juice." But whatever.

Thankfully, Shingle Holler hasn't really been affected by the storm at all - except for the grocery stores. I'm sure they feel like a hurricane has sucked up all their stocks. I'd hate to work at Food Lion today...but my fantastic Mother in Law went in my place and snagged the very last gallon of sweet apple cider  just-for-me, so life promises to be pretty tasty tomorrow...

For today, it's  just been a little gusty and wet  - which means My Logger caint go out and do all the things that loggers do on dry, sunny days. Which means, that I HAVE LOVED HAVING HIM HOME FOR ALMOST ALL MONDAY. I was afraid the fire pager would have him out rescuing the neighborhood - but, no. He's been able to work from home, mostly.

Nothing makes a cozy day cozier than a fire in the wood stove in the nippy, gray morning. Well, that, and fleece plaid-shirted hugs from the aforementioned logger, and the great big pot of Potato Corn Chowder simmering on the stove for his lunch. Throw in the giggles of a curly-top one-year-old, and life is a beautiful thing.

As for THE CURTAIN PART: Its taken us a little over a year, but we've done it. The living room curtains are up. I'm in luv. It's crazy how every little thing that we add brings another layer of "home" and "cozy." More on the tale of my awful curtain hanging experience and actual pictures of our happy life coming soon.

Big for now, from my quiet moment in the newly curtained living room: We're alive and kicking. And blessed. Very, very blessed.

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Bethany D said...

I need to see these curtains. We will probably (forever) be curtainless because I can't get over spending at least $20 on ONE. CUTE. PANEL. Why?!?

I laughed out loud over your thoughts on ugly hurricane names. Haha. :)

Glad your dude was home! That makes all the difference, doesn't it?