Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Relatives Came // Good Times

                                                                                    F I N A L L Y.

Living faraway from family makes for some very special visits when we do manage to see each other. I guess you could call it a perk of the situation.

Dad (whoops - apparently you've escaped all the pics? Sorries.), Mom and Becca dared to brave the 17 hour drive, and, as a bonus, picked Mamaw up from Ohio on the way! My Bestie, Bethany Collins, flew in to join us from Oklahoma a few days before the crew arrived. (Supriiiiiise!!)

                                                                               H A V E N  L U V I N S

I practically never saw the poor child while everybody was here. I think the Grandmas and Autnies were making up for lost time. <3

And then we decided to hike up Chimney Rock. I paid for that decision for daaaayss. We were only at the top for a few minutes before it started to rain, so we hung out in the little cafe for a while before heading back down.

After we left, I experienced my first dead car battery in the Ingalls parking lot. Thanks to Dad (and the two concerned, neighborly shoppers who stopped to see what was wrong .. I guess I finally know what it's like to be on the receiving end of Ethan's "good samaritan" stops.) for getting me running again. 

And speaking of the Good Samaritan. . . here he is! The week before everyone came, I was crazy busy trying to get all my bases covered with a curious little baby (who has a taste for mop water, apparently...). He surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers on Thursday afternoon.

There's nothing more special than seeing the happy little florist lady walking up to the door with a giant vase of flowers. I'm always giddy. And this time I cried.

Cuz he's so sweet. 


Lily Pyatskowit said...

Awwwww!!! He is sweet and you both are gracious hosts and hostesses! I was so proud of the way you managed everything, the meals, changes of plans, the baby! You're a marvelous wife and mother!!!!

Bethany Collins said...

What a great time we had! Thank you again for everything you and Ethan did!! Give Haven kisses for me❤️❤️

Bethany D said...

Aw! You cried. ;) That's so sweet! My family lives about an hour and a half away and I die all the time. I can't imagine being 17 hours away!?