Thursday, March 23, 2017

Goldfish Chaser | The Haven Report

She had the weirdest look on her face, and I noticed that she was quietly chewing something - probably some bit of fuzz from the laundry, or a piece of bark from the woodpile.

With a sigh, me and Haven began the struggle of extraction.

Curious. She didn't actually struggle much. Then I realized why: IT WAS A DEAD, DRIED UP STINK BUG. (Minus a couple legs.) child....

At least I've been freshly inspired to keep my floors clean. (Well, if, dried out, nasty stink bugs can remind one of ANYTHING fresh and happy, that is...)

//On to things that actually ARE fresh and happy//

All who know and love our tiny explorer-of-dark-corners-that-haven't-been-swept-yet, have come to discover that she loves food. Any food. //Minus broccoli and avocado.//So when Grandma and Grandpa Pyatskowit came to visit, they already knew the key to her love and acceptance - namely: Gold Fish Crackers and Chips Ahoy. Haven took one, long look at the cookie in Grandpas hand, and didn't care a thing for Daddy and Mommy anymore.

Needless to say, we had fun last weekend laughing over her antics.

On Saturday Grandma set out a pile of goldfish on the floor ...  And Haven, consternated at having to work so hard for a snack, slowly pulled herself across the floor to get them. Yes. My baby is crawling. And as of that wasn't enough, she's also started standing up. I nearly cried. She just grabbed the toy she was reaching for and sat down, firmly -- with not a clue on how substantial her accomplishment really was.

They say time flies::and it really does.


Lily Pyatskowit said...

So glad we were able to squeeze in a quick visit! Enjoyed every minute with little Haven. Can't wait till next time!

Bethany D said...

Aidan wants to know why I'm laughing. This post cracked me up! I saw the video of her crawling!! Such a big girl!!!

Anna said...

After we announced that we were expecting Haven, one of my friends told me to "get ready for endless entertainment." SO. TRUE.

This morning Haven was face timing people while I was still in my sleeping clothes..

Can't wait to hear about Ella's antics!!

Anna said...


ONLY A FEW MORE WEEKS!! We're so excited to have you here!!

Rebecca pyatskowit said...

oh Haven your so cute